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Marketing to the middle

It seems plenty of people are eager to learn about Amway’s success in China.

A few weeks ago we shared that Amway President Doug DeVos’ essay about how Amway had reinvented itself in China was included in a new Harvard Business Review Press book.

And last month Amway Chief Marketing Officer Candace Matthews joined the CMOs of General Motors and Anheuser-Busch to share insights on marketing to China’s expanding middle class during The Economist Big Rethink event in New York.

The growth of China’s middle class is being driven by rapid urbanization there. Roughly 25 million people per year are moving to cities, and by 2030, 1 billion people will live in China’s booming urban areas.

As a result, companies are eager to learn from brands that have learned to successfully “market to the middle.”

During the panel and a number of interviews with Chinese and U.S. media, Candace shared the strategies that have made Amway and its brands leaders in China.  Among them are to understand the digital and social media landscape,  take steps to protect the brand and create strong partnerships with the government to understand the market and how to operate effectively.


Nov. 20: What a day

It’s been two months since the Amway Universal Children’s Day on Nov. 20, but we still marvel at the impact it had.

More than 15,000 volunteers worked on 300 projects in 57 countries that resulted in more than 100,000 children being helped.

Jesse Hertstein from our global One by One team puts it best: “It’s not just one day of volunteering. It’s really a demonstration of our commitment … to help children in every community we do business in. Not just today, but on into the future.”

Here’s a collection of some of the amazing things accomplished in our 24-hour global celebration focused on making a difference.

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Potential in everyone

“It’s all about the potential of the people,” Amway President Doug DeVos told a regional audience as Amway was recognized this week as one of the best West Michigan companies providing leadership opportunities for women.

“We believe people are the greatest resource that any company or country will ever have. Seeing potential in everyone is the message we have to keep sharing.”

Since the company’s earliest days, values embracing inclusion and diversity of opportunity have been an essential part of the company’s growth, DeVos said. Hearing different voices and ideas has enabled stronger global expansion and helped manage change and opportunity.

For example, shortly after Amway China opened its doors, the Chinese government decided to ban direct selling. DeVos said the wisdom and experience of Amway China president Eva Cheng was instrumental in helping the company become part of the long-term solution and, as a result of her collaborative ideas, Amway has become a leader in China.

DeVos went on to say that his dad and fellow Amway founder Jay Van Andel progressively believed everyone could do everything. That’s how the business got its start – and continues to succeed.

“I always heard Dad tell people: You can do it. You have potential. You can achieve whatever you set your mind to doing,” he continued.

As it grows, the company continues to look for ways to diversify. Amway Chief Marketing Officer Candace Matthews is the executive sponsor of the Women’s Inclusion Network, one of three networks Amway has launched through its diversity and inclusion office. These inclusion groups help employees network with people of similar backgrounds and expose them to developmental and growth opportunities. DeVos cited the development of women as a positive outcome of robust talent development systems. Today more than 31% of global directors at Amway are female.

“The diversity of our team helps strengthen the development of our products, our business plan and our service,” DeVos said. “When helping develop talent, it’s both an art and a science to help people grow and to help them find new opportunities.”

Written by Dalin Clark.


Life stories

Hundreds of women convened in New York last month to share their life stories and discuss the power of personal narrative to “influence, inspire, educate and motivate.”

One of those women was Amway Chief Marketing Officer Candace Matthews.

As part of a panel titled “(S)heroes and Influencers” at the Working Mother Multicultural Conference July 23, Candace told her story, focusing on the relationship with the single most influential person in her life, her mother, Bessie Sheffield.

Candace told the group that all the skills she applies as a leader at a global company she learned from her mother, the CEO of the family.  Candace was the youngest of 18 children, and when she was 10, her father died, leaving her mother to raise her and several siblings alone. Bessie led her family with perseverance, faith and a commitment to give that Candace embraced in her life and career.

Learn more about her story in this Working Mother Radio interview (Candace’s interview begins at the 12:30 mark).

In this interview Candace shared how the Amway business model is helping women around the world write new chapters in their life stories as entrepreneurs.


It Started with a Conversation


When Amway and Microsoft recently hosted an event celebrating and promoting women leaders in business, people took notice – including contributor Anne Doyle, who wrote:

“When two global corporations with the economic impact and cultural  influence of Amway and Microsoft – both reach and employ millions of consumers and change agents all over the world —  recognize that the women’s leadership engine is revving up and they’d better get on board, the possibilities for paradigm shifting change are enormous.”

More than 200 women attended the event, which started with a conversation between Amway managers and their Microsoft account executive about the need to better support women seeking leadership roles.

It resulted in a daylong gathering that included keynote speeches from Amway Chief Marketing Officer Candace Matthews and Microsoft Americas Premier Support Vice President Kelly Rogan, who explained why being a “street fighter” is just as important as being a great collaborator.

We can’t wait to see where this conversation leads.

(Guest post by Nick Wasmiller)


Shining Stars

It was mid-day, but the stars shone bright at Figure Skating in Harlem’s Skating with the Stars Gala Monday.

Amway was among the shining stars at the event where some of the world’s greatest skaters, celebrities and corporate and community leaders united for an evening of ice skating at the Trump Wollman Rink in New York City’s iconic Central Park.

Amway has been a proud sponsor of this event and organization for the past five years, but this was the first as presenting sponsor.

Candace Matthews, Amway Chief Marketing Officer, joined Figure Skating in Harlem’s Board of Directors in 2005 and has served several terms as FSH’s Board Chair and Gala Co-Chair, including this year.

Learn more about this fabulous event, including photos and some of the big names that were there, at our One by One blog.


Lessons learned

If you want to learn how to create a global career, ask someone who has one. That’s what the Harvard Business School Women’s Student Association did when they invited Amway CMO Candace Matthews to be part of its Harvard Dynamic Women in  Leadership Forum February 23.

Candace joined Tata Consulting Services head Farzana Haque in a panel discussion about how they developed and navigate careers that span the globe.

Candace’s lesson for success on a global scale?  “You have to have a yearning for learning,” she told the group. “You must have the desire to learn about other cultures, what motivates them and how they define success.”

For those starting out she advised learning four key words and phrases – hello, goodbye, please and thank you - to show interest and a connection with other cultures.

After spending time with the students, Candace sat down with the Harvard Business Review (HBR) to tape a lesson for the HBR Channel on how to stand up for yourself in business.  It was a lesson she learned long ago and was happy to pass along to the next generation of business leaders.  The video lesson will be online in April.


It’s a digital world

Our Chief Marketing Officer Candace Matthews sat down with recently and talked about her role in transforming marketing at Amway while ensuring the company maintains the identity that served it so well for more than 50 years.

Matthews talked about creating a global strategy and global branding to the business to help our more than 3 million distributors be more successful. And she talked about the importance of listening to the younger generations.

“They live in a digital world,” she said. “And what they’re thinking about is beyond what we baby boomers could ever imagine.”

While the younger generation of distributors may go about things a bit differently from their predecessors, the core of what they do remains the same — building relationships. And Matthews said that is the key to success.

“Digital enhances our business model; it won’t replace our business model because that contact is who we are,” she told “What digital does is it brings relevance, but it won’t replace relationships. That’s the core of who we are.”

Read the entire interview here.


Greasing the skids

With more than 3 million distributors worldwide providing “word of mouth marketing” for our business opportunity and brands, what’s the role of marketing for Amway?

To make it easier for our distributors to sell our health, beauty and home products to their customers. 

Candace Matthews, Amway’s Chief Marketing Officer, recently met with and other media to talk about how marketing efforts support our distributors from Australia to the Wake Islands.

“What we’re trying to do now is build awareness about not only Amway the company and the business opportunity, but also our major brands like ARTISTRY and NUTRILITE,” Matthews explained in one of two videos posted at “We are in essence greasing the skids so that when distributors are talking to people about the products or the opportunity, the awareness is there and it makes it easier for them.”


ARTISTRY in the spotlight

ARTISTRY played a “break out” role at the 17th Busan International Film Festival as the Diamond Premiere Exclusive Sponsor of the annual competition. The festival ran from Oct. 4-13 and included more than 221,000 guests and 304 films from 75 countries.

The event also featured celebrities, screenwriters, producers, directors and entertainment industry professionals. Among them? Emerging Hollywood actress Teresa Palmer. We know her better as the global face of ARTISTRY.

Palmer’s recent film, “Wish You Were Here,” was filmed in Cambodia and screened at BIFF. She shined in a Naeem Khan tufted taffeta, bejeweled gown. And, thanks to a billboard 74 meters wide and 29 meters tall, she also took center stage during a fireworks display.

“It was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life,” Palmer said. “Seeing my face emblazoned on a gigantic billboard is one thing, but sharing the evening with such amazing talent from around the world in support of independent filmmaking – I felt so blessed.”

Amway Chief Marketing Officer Candace Matthews said ARTISTRY’s sponsorship of BIFF shows Amway is staking its claim as one of the top five premium skincare brands around the world.

“Our goal is to help all women take their beauty forward with superior products that perform, and a business opportunity that helps them play the ‘leading ladies’ in their own lives with grace and poise,” Matthews said.

Check out more photos from the amazing 10-day festival at ARTISTRY’s Facebook page.