Marketing to the middle

It seems plenty of people are eager to learn about Amway’s success in China.

A few weeks ago we shared that Amway President Doug DeVos’ essay about how Amway had reinvented itself in China was included in a new Harvard Business Review Press book.

And last month Amway Chief Marketing Officer Candace Matthews joined the CMOs of General Motors and Anheuser-Busch to share insights on marketing to China’s expanding middle class during The Economist Big Rethink event in New York.

The growth of China’s middle class is being driven by rapid urbanization there. Roughly 25 million people per year are moving to cities, and by 2030, 1 billion people will live in China’s booming urban areas.

As a result, companies are eager to learn from brands that have learned to successfully “market to the middle.”

During the panel and a number of interviews with Chinese and U.S. media, Candace shared the strategies that have made Amway and its brands leaders in China.  Among them are to understand the digital and social media landscape,  take steps to protect the brand and create strong partnerships with the government to understand the market and how to operate effectively.


Fuzz buster

The amazing scientists in the Amway laundry care lab love inspiration, and when they hear from Amway Business Owners about a particular laundry challenge, they get inspired.

Take, for example, the challenge of keeping black and dark-colored cotton clothing looking vibrant and new, wear after wear. Machine-washing cottons causes fuzzing, pilling and dye transfer that can make these items look faded and old long before their time.

The R&D team began looking for ways to help consumers extend the appearance of their newer dark cotton items in one economical and easy-to-use laundry solution.

The team developed a detergent technology that preserves the appearance of dark cottons, and even improves the appearance of many dark cotton items that look faded from previous washings in other detergents.

The technology is used in SA8 Black Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent with Bioquest formula exclusively from the Amway Home brand. It is now available in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and is expected to be available in Japan and Europe later this year.

When our laundry products help consumers wear their clothing longer, families save money–and it helps slow the flow of these items into the waste stream. That’s a double win! Read more about the product at Amway Startup.


Quality assured

Pull any cleaning product off your shelf at home. Do you know how much that product is quality-tested before it gets to you?

We can tell you, if it’s one of our Amway home care brands.

Amway Quality Assurance lab analysts perform hundreds of tests a day on our surface, dish and laundry care products made in our U.S.-based manufacturing plants to ensure they meet our exacting quality standards.

That amounts to 124,000 tests every year on raw ingredients, finished products and even packaging — just for home products made in Ada, Michigan. Our home care products made in Belgium, China, India and Vietnam are tested with the same rigor. All to ensure our products always look, smell and perform exactly as promised by the scientists who created the formulas — and that they are safe for your family.

We don’t have to be that exacting. No regulatory agency in the world requires that much testing.

We do it for one reason: to ensure the more than 3 million people worldwide who proudly use and sell Amway products are getting the quality they deserve — in every package.


Four corners

Earlier this month, all four Amway regional presidents sat down to chat with employees at Amway World Headquarters about their corners of the world. They shared insights, initiatives and compelling stories about local corporate citizenship efforts and Amway Business Owners (ABOs).

In Southeast Asia, Jim Payne uses his 30+ years of experience with Amway and time-tested relationships to lead several countries in which Amway already holds a top market share position. He highlighted Amway’s appeal to those under age 35 in Vietnam, one of our newest markets. He told a story of a Japanese ABO who lost half of her family and downline distributors during the 2011 tsunami. The loss motivated her to rebuild her business to the Diamond level in only three years, using her income to support and help rebuild her still-struggling community.

Greater China Regional President Gan Chee Eng, focused on China’s Amway Charity Foundation, which was recently named one of the Top 10 Most Transparent Foundations in China. The foundation was featured during this year’s Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) annual meeting, where its Spring Sprouts Kitchen project was highlighted as one of CGI’s Commitments to Action.

With 30 countries, 26 languages, 19 currencies and 11 time zones, Europe/India/Africa Regional President Samir Behl describes his region as having three advantages: diversity, complexity and opportunity. He shared that there are more women than men in Russia and they live longer. In addition to the societal impact of this, he (only half-jokingly) said this could contribute to a huge demand for beauty products such as ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND.

Last, but certainly not least, in the home region of our headquarters – the Americas – Tanios Viviani says he lives for hearing, and telling, our ABO stories. The Americas president recently attended an event in the United States where he met a Costa Rican native who had left his parents and moved to Mexico to find success, promising not to return until they could be proud of him. After many years and he returned as a Diamond level ABO and was able to tell his mother that “Amway was [his] graduation in life.” That ABO now supports his family with his business. Tanios knows there are others like him capable and willing to do the same and says his region will do more than its part to ensure the Amway opportunity is relevant to future generations.

Across the miles and the 100-plus countries and territories where the Amway opportunity can be found, these four men brought their markets to life and connected our employees in Ada, Michigan, with the ABOs they support all over the world. 


Visible Progress

Amway’s manufacturing expansion is well under way.  The seven-site, $375 million project is geared toward building an infrastructure that will continue to provide quality nutrition, beauty and home products to the world for decades to come.

Recent visitors to construction sites in the U.S. states of California, Washington and Michigan have seen great advancements, as have visitors to the Tamil Nadu, India site.  While there are several months left before these projects begin manufacturing products for consumers, the visible progress is exciting.

And, you don’t have to be on the ground to see the progress. Photo albums of some of the sites are updated regularly, allowing everyone to track the developments. New photos have recently been added to the albums for Buena Park, California, and our new tablet and soft gel facility down the street from our World Headquarters in Michigan.

As work progresses, we’ll soon add photos of our other projects, including China and Vietnam.

It is an exciting time at Amway, as we grow to meet growing demand worldwide.


Potential in everyone

“It’s all about the potential of the people,” Amway President Doug DeVos told a regional audience as Amway was recognized this week as one of the best West Michigan companies providing leadership opportunities for women.

“We believe people are the greatest resource that any company or country will ever have. Seeing potential in everyone is the message we have to keep sharing.”

Since the company’s earliest days, values embracing inclusion and diversity of opportunity have been an essential part of the company’s growth, DeVos said. Hearing different voices and ideas has enabled stronger global expansion and helped manage change and opportunity.

For example, shortly after Amway China opened its doors, the Chinese government decided to ban direct selling. DeVos said the wisdom and experience of Amway China president Eva Cheng was instrumental in helping the company become part of the long-term solution and, as a result of her collaborative ideas, Amway has become a leader in China.

DeVos went on to say that his dad and fellow Amway founder Jay Van Andel progressively believed everyone could do everything. That’s how the business got its start – and continues to succeed.

“I always heard Dad tell people: You can do it. You have potential. You can achieve whatever you set your mind to doing,” he continued.

As it grows, the company continues to look for ways to diversify. Amway Chief Marketing Officer Candace Matthews is the executive sponsor of the Women’s Inclusion Network, one of three networks Amway has launched through its diversity and inclusion office. These inclusion groups help employees network with people of similar backgrounds and expose them to developmental and growth opportunities. DeVos cited the development of women as a positive outcome of robust talent development systems. Today more than 31% of global directors at Amway are female.

“The diversity of our team helps strengthen the development of our products, our business plan and our service,” DeVos said. “When helping develop talent, it’s both an art and a science to help people grow and to help them find new opportunities.”

Written by Dalin Clark.


Welcome to Antarctica

Did you know that Amway products are used on ALL seven continents? Yes, Amway products are even used in Antarctica!

Amway China equips the crew of the Xue Long (or Snow Dragon) with personal care items and NUTRILITE supplements to prepare them for their more than five-month stay at the South Pole.

Because of the temperature conditions, vegetables can only last for 15 days. “Many team members could not get sufficient vitamin intake,” said Wang Jianzhong, captain of the Xue Long. “Amway NUTRILTE products have helped us a lot.”

Since 2002, the China polar scientific expedition team has been provided with NUTRILITE, personal care and homecare products corteousy of Amway China. Here’s what the crew has access to:

  • NUTRILITE: Protein Powder, Cal Mag, Natural B Complex, Wheat Germ E, Bio C Plus, Double X and Fruit & Vegetable Fiber
  • PERSONAL CARE: Body Shampoo, Refreshing Body Shampoo, Glister Fluoride Toothpaste, White Tea Toothpaste and Satinique 2 in 1 Shampoo.
  • HOMECARE: SA8 Delicate Liquid Detergent, SA8 Liquid Laundry Detergent, LOC Condensed Multiple Purpose Cleaner, Condensed Kitchen Scouring Agent, Condensed Dish Drops, Condensed Air Refresher and AS8 Laundry Powder Detergent.

Have you brought Amway products to interesting places? Share your experience in the comments below! And see a few more photos at our Nutrilite Facebook page.

Written by Austin Langlois.


Flash mobs go green

Do you want to protect the environment? A group of young Amway business owners in China does.

To celebrate World Environment Day last month, more than 200 members of AYAC (Amway Young Achievers’ Club) joined in flash mobs in over 10 cities in Guangdong Province to advocate for environmental protection.

The members all wore t-shirts with the words “I DO” printed on them, and they held mini chalk boards or white boards with their own “environmental protection manifestos” written on them.

The groups surprised passers-by with their powerful songs and dances. And when it stopped, they followed it up with chants, “Say ‘I do!’ to environmental protection!”

The dancers also invited the watching crowd to write down their own manifestos and post pictures on social media, such as Weibo (a miniblog) or Wechat, to share the moment with more friends and amplify the influence of the event.

Many manifestos spoke out against using plastic forks, spoons and knives, what is known as ”white pollution.” Others claimed that “Environmental protection is latest fashion.”

The flash mob was co-organized by Environment Protection Bureau of Guangdong and Amway’s Guangdong branch. The event was covered by local media, resulting in 28 news stories.

The creative, trendy event lead by Gen-Yers is a good example of the passion and enthusiasm among Amway’s young business owners.

It’s also an example of Amway’s youth strategy, which attracts young people, builds up Amway’s reputation and promotes environmental consciousness. See more pictures from the events at our Amway Facebook page.

What’s your environmental manifesto?

—Written by Trista Xie, Senior Sales Communication Coordinator, Amway China


Phytonutrients: Get your daily dose

World recognition of the importance of phytonutrients is spreading. This week the Chinese Nutrition Society (CNS) announced that it is revising its “daily reference intakes,” or DRI, to include phytonutrients.

That means the society will now recommend people get a daily dose of phytonutrients along with their vitamins and minerals to maintain optimal health.

We are proud to say that the Nutrilite Health Institute worked closely with the CNS in gathering research and scientific data to establish the DRIs.

The announcement comes as the 11th China Nutrition Science Conference and the 2013 China & Korea Joint International Phytonutrient Symposium wrap up this week where our own Dr. Keith Randolph presented.

Dr. Randolph is the nutrition technology strategist at the NHI. He called the decision by the CNS “a significant development in the effort to improve the overall health of a large portion of the world’s population.”

Read more about the announcement at the Amway Global Newsroom and see more photos from the symposium at our Nutrilite Facebook Page.


Olympics and Optimal Health

The London Olympic Games were undoubtedly a highlight for the Chinese people last year thanks to the impressive performance of the Chinese Olympic team.

Sponsored by Nutrilite, the team won 38 gold, 27 silver and 23 bronze medals – the best performance outside of the 2008 Olympics held in Beijing.

Thanks to Nutrilite’s reputation for safety and credibility, the Chinese Olympic Committee extended the sponsorship agreement for eight more years. That means Nutrilite will continue to support the Chinese Olympic Delegation until 2020.

And, the official Olympic rings will continue to appear on Nutrilite products in China. How’s that for a symbol of optimal health and Nutrilite’s credibility?