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Early intervention

At Amway, we have an award-winning internship program that immerses students in the business world, giving them real projects and opportunities to learn from seasoned colleagues and executives.

Our Amway Business Owners also have access to free, extensive training to help ensure a successful start.

So, what about our new employees? They are not left out. The Early in Career Group at our World Headquarters was started in 2010 for anyone new to the Amway company. Regular meetings and social functions help them network, meet new people and expand their knowledge outside their own department.

They focus on professional development, leadership opportunities or volunteering events.

While it’s focused on helping new employees “connect, collaborate and grow,” veterans are welcome, too. In fact, they often use the group as a resource to tap fresh points of view.

Company executives, like Amway Chief Sales Officer John Parker, say fostering the group is “critical to the future of the company.”

“One of the great things about EiCG is that it keeps Amway entrepreneurial,” Parker said. “We’re a big company, a big business, lots of employees, and any big company like that ends up with silos.

“It’s those individuals that are part of the EiCG network that are the future leaders and the future of the business.”

Check out what some of the group members have to say in this video.

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From Hong Kong to Brazil

Editor’s Note:  This post was originally published on the Interns Expose Amway blog.

 Lorraine Lee is a student from Hong Kong who was an intern for the Nutrilite farm in Brazil this summer. Next week is her last week. Please enjoy Lorraine’s recap of her experience this summer.

I first heard about the Amway Nutrilite Organic Farming Internship Programme two years ago, and I was determined to apply for it. Now, I’ve become one of the four interns. I am grateful for this opportunity to visit the Nutrilite facilities in Buena Park and Lakeview, as well as to experience farm life at the Nutrilite farm in Brazil.

The 8-week internship program allows me to understand more about Nutrilite products. To make a tablet, which really improves a person’s health, requires good sources of materials such as plants. To ensure the quality of materials, careful monitoring on production of materials is needed from the start. The Nutrilite Brazil farm practices Biodynamic agriculture — farm products contain more nutrients; products made of those fresh, nutritious plants give more energy to consumers.

Biodynamic agriculture is beyond organic, it is more sustainable. Through this programme, I am delighted to experience how a farm operates in person and to realize it is possible to put aside chemicals and return to farming which maintains harmony with the environment in today’s modern world.

Biodynamic agriculture is, to a certain point, similar to Chinese traditional agriculture methods as they both take reference from the moon; I found this very interesting and inspiring. Biodynamic agriculture is still not very known in Hong Kong, so I want to understand more and bring this farming method back to Hong Kong!

Last week was Biodynamic week. This was a rare opportunity for me to learn biodynamic agriculture in depth because it is usually held in September. I joined a course of making biodynamic preparation. We needed to mould cow manure with our own hands! At first, the feeling was a bit weird; but I understood that everything we eat comes from this, without good and biodynamic preparation, we would not have had the chance to eat good and healthy vegetables. We continued to mix and painted on acerola trees, the major crops in the farm.

Harvesting acerola
Harvesting acerola cherries
With my friend, Wendell, on the farm.

With my friend, Wendell, on the farm.

Tachi Quan lesson during Biodynamic week.

Tachi Quan lesson during Biodynamic week.

One of the biggest challenges must is the language barrier. I did not know a single Portuguese word before arrival in Brazil. However, with support from staffs and friends and my little lonely planet’s phrase book, I started to pick up some Portuguese words. Learning a language is interesting and a must-do when staying in a foreign country. Only by learning the locals’ language you can communicate with others, so that you can fully involve in their music, shows, and their culture. There are times that people cannot understand what I say even with body language, this make me determined to learn faster and faster. Although I am still at beginner level now, I can chat with my friends!

We help in different departments on the farm every day, from laboratory, harvesting, irrigation, and cafeteria to garden, composting, pest control and many more. This gives me a big picture of the farm. I’ve learned a lot about farm operation and that every employee’s contribution counts.

We also need to do a project; my project is about recycling solid waste assessment. I was amazed by detailed waste management of the farm. Here, they divide trash right from the source. There are recycling bins at offices, cafeteria and farm area. Even more, organic matters and seeds of the acerola cherries from factories are used for composting and feeding cattle. It not only minimizes solid waste, it is also an environmentally friendly practice. I need to construct maps indicating locations of trash cans, and help analyze conditions of cans and awareness of staffs on recycling. It is an interesting project; I make use of what I have learnt before, and I acquire more knowledge of it.

I really enjoyed my internship in Brazil. I thank Amway for giving me an opportunity to experience farm life at the other side of the world. People here are nice and always giving us helping hands. There is still one week before I leave, and I would definitely treasure every moment in Brazil.


Final Presentation Recap

Editor’s Note:  This post was originally published on the Interns Expose Amway blog.

Among the many events that are provided to us interns here at Amway, one of the most talked about, and perhaps most feared, is the final presentation.

 Many of the interns probably see a bolt of lightning and hear the sound of thunder with the words ‘final presentation,’ but the event behind the words actually brings about great opportunity.

 If you look beyond the initial fears that every presenter faces, the final presentation is actually a unique opportunity. It offers each intern the chance to not only explain the successes of the projects they have worked on, but it also allows them to demonstrate their public speaking skills to their department, which we all know is so important in today’s world. 

 Just last Wednesday, the three Human Resources interns, including myself, gave our final presentation. The outcome was successful, and the experience of presenting was invaluable. This being my third internship here, I have had the opportunity to present three times. Through these experiences, I have been able to piece together the key pointers for putting together a winning final presentation:

  • Prepare your slides at least a week in advance. Believe me, you will change and edit your work, but having them done in advance takes a load off.
  • Do not become a victim of the detrimental PowerPoint error: do not put too many words on your slides. Too many words take away the attention from you the speaker. This is why preparing early will help because you will be the content and your PowerPoint will simply enhance you. Believe me, this is harder than it seems.
  • I always script out what I am going to say. Sure, this seems like a lot of extra work, but it helps. As I am putting together my PowerPoint, I script out the key words/phrases (and even a joke or two to spice things up) that I want to make sure to include. We all know that when you are up there presenting you sometimes forget things, and scripting out your presentation ensures that you remember the important stuff.
  • Practice is crucial. The great thing about interning here is that you have a mentor who will listen to you practice your presentation and give you tips. I rehearsed my presentation several times to my mentor and manager and it was incredibly helpful.
  • The morning of your presentation, go into the room you will be presenting in and make sure all of your technology is working. The three of us made sure to do that. Not only did this eliminate the chances of a connection not working, but being in the room with it set up calms any nerves you may have.
  • About ten minutes before the presentation, prepare to greet the audience as they enter. A speaker at one of our intern events gave us this tip, and it is one of my personal favorites. No matter how great of a speaker you are, everyone is a little nervous before getting up and showing a large group of faces your work. Greeting each person individually as they enter forces you to engage, and, realize that you are speaking to each of these people, not just a group of nameless faces.
  • When you are up there, be professional. As an intern, you are most likely younger than everyone in that room. You do not want to give any audience member a reason to believe you are unprofessional. When you are speaking, look around the room at the individuals you greeted at the door. Make eye contact with people.
  • Have energy. We all remember the terrible presentations; well, we do not actually remember the content, we just remember being bored. We, as interns especially, want people to remember our content and to walk away saying, “She was a great speaker.” In the final presentation, it is very important to show your excitement and energy in a professional manner.
  • Always be sure to thank those who have helped you and those who have sat through your presentation. It goes a long way.

All of this is obvious stuff, but reading it from an intern who has survived should be comforting on some level. My presentation went very well, and, I actually had fun. I am very grateful for the chance to present to Human Resources!


How is it August?

Editor’s Note:  This post was originally published on the Interns Expose Amway blog.

I have no idea where the summer went!  It seems like I just started, but now I’m preparing my final presentation, putting the final touches on my project, and saying ‘bye’ to some amazing friends I made!  It feels like the end to summer camp.  Remember that feeling?  Preparing your end of summer skit, collecting all the crafts you made over the summer, and having to say ‘bye’ to your new best friends?  Yeah, feels like that. 

The end of an experience like this always comes with mixed emotions.  Sad to leave something that feels so familiar (even after just a short amount of time), sad to leave “grown-up” life (yes, I actually like working in a corporate environment), and sad to leave not only the interns I have grown to love, but the people I work with as well.  It also comes with excitement.  Excitement at how much I have learned in such a short amount of time, excitement to actually apply what I have learned, and excitement that my internship experience was worth the 40 hr days (when my friends were on the beach)!  Totally worth it!

My final presentation is August 11th…I’ll let you know how it goes!


When I grow up…

Editor’s Note:  This post was originally published on the Interns Expose Amway blog.

When we were little, we dreamed about what we would be when we grew up. Most of us are still dreaming up anything from being a rocket scientist to president of the United States, but we interns are facing the reality of having to join the real world in the near future.  I have done a couple of internships before, both of them a bit unusual, but I have dubbed my time at Amway as my first “big girl” job.  I graduate in a year, which means I am at that crucial point in my life where I am reaching a crossroads whose outcome will set the tone for the rest of my life.  I feel like a summer placement at Amway is the perfect opportunity to help me sort myself out.

The College Talent Acquisition Program at Amway provides so many opportunities outside of the internship itself that really give college students a good look into corporate life and the professional world.  From events like the Executive Breakfasts to the informational lectures of the Passport Series, they try to provide us with as many opportunities to learn as possible.  Amway staff are very accessible and will gladly take time out of their busy schedules to discuss career choices, professional development and higher education.  This program is an invaluable chance to really make the most out of an internship opportunity and prepare for our future careers.

Some people view this time of choice as a scary period of uncertainty and a time when all fun and childhood curiosity end.  I, however, see it as a time of opportunity and experience, both professional and personal.  The possibilities for the future are endless and Amway does a wonderful job of showing us what we can achieve through the opportunities of the intern program.  This is the time to dream big like we did when we were kids, except now we can make these dreams come true.


Interns spend a day volunteering in community

Editor’s Note:  This post was originally published on the Interns Expose Amway blog.

You didn’t just think interns spent their days in the office in front of the computer, did you? Good, because we definitely don’t! Just as we work hard, we play hard, too. And that includes giving back to our community through volunteering.

On Monday about 50 interns got to spend some time with kids through volunteering for the One by One Intern Carnival at Urban Family Ministries. We arrived early to help set up the activities which included inflatable bouncy pens, face painting, and a dunk tank sporting one of our very own interns. Also, some interns got to practice their cooking skills by serving hotdogs, popcorn and snow cones.

Overall, it turned out to be a fantastic day. It felt very rewarding to be able to give back to the community by making children smile and offering a little fun during their day.

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Episode 3 – The Chronicles of Cali Interns: “Meet Four Interns from Hong Kong”

Editor’s Note:  This post was originally published on the Interns Expose Amway blog.

 I recently traveled to California where interns from Nutrilite’s Center for Optimal Health, a Nutrilite farm in Lakeview, Trout Lake Farm and four interns from Amway Hong Kong gathered for a two-day intern event. I will share my experience in four parts, each focusing on a different aspect of the trip.

Imagine living and being part of a community in a different country, a different continent and experiencing an unfamiliar culture than what you’re used to. That’s exactly what four ambitious Amway interns from Hong Kong get to do this summer.

Lorraine, a geography major, and Boe, an environmental science major, will spend their internship at a Nutrilite farm in Brazil. Steven, a geography major, and Ellis, a biology major, will spend their time at a Nutrilite farm in Mexico.

I first met Lorraine, Boe, Steven and Ellis the morning after they had traveled for over 24 hours from Hong Kong. They were in high spirits, though, and you could tell they were thrilled to be off the plane, in the U.S. and getting their first taste of American culture, literally. I met them at breakfast where they experienced their first American meal – a hearty five-egg omelette complete with toast, sausage and hashbrowns, and seemed to scream a loud, “Welcome to America.”

Throughout the two-day intern event, I got to know Lorraine, Boe, Steven and Ellis very well. In between the tours, picture-taking and sight-seeing I learned about their universities and internship programs:

  • While an internship is not usually required at some universities in Hong Kong, it is very encouraged. In conjunction with the Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre, the Amway Nutrilite Organic Farming Internship Program awards four internships to university students every summer. Established in 2007, the program is designed for students to gain an understanding of organic farming practices and how it impacts communities.
  • I found out that Hong Kong and American universities are very similar. Their school year is composed of two semesters and each student usually takes 5-6 classes that are worth 3 credits each, just like most American universities.

For three of them, this was their first time in the U.S. Their enthusiasm and interest to learn about American culture was very apparent. They asked questions about our transportation systems, food and entertainment, and in turn compared their culture to ours. Lorraine, Boe and I compared clothing brands and style, and we all discussed technology and Facebook, which is very popular in Hong Kong. While walking through a Target one night, we discovered that we all have pet cats. (Random, I know, but what a coincidence!).

When I talked with them about living in a different country for two months, I didn’t sense any nervousness, just excitement and anticipation.

I wish my new friends good luck with their internships in Brazil and Mexico, and as they taught me to say in Cantonese, Hong Kong’s official language, joi gin! (goodbye)

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From left: Lorraine, Boe, Steven and Ellis in front of the Nutrilite Optimal Health Center.

Read about Ellis’s experiences at the organic farm in Brazil by visiting his blog.


Episode 2 – The Chronicles of Cali Interns: “Touring the Buena Park and Lakeview facilities in California”

Editor’s Note:  This post was originally published on the Interns Expose Amway blog.

 I recently traveled to California where interns from Nutrilite’s Center for Optimal Health, a Nutrilite farm in Lakeview, Trout Lake Farm and four interns from Amway Hong Kong gathered for a two-day intern event. I will share my experience in four parts, each focusing on a different aspect of the trip.

Day 1

Just like when the kids in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” walked into Mr. Wonka’s factory wide-eyed and pleasantly surprised at what they saw, that’s how we felt when we toured Nutrilite’s Center for Optimal Health in Buena Park.

(So maybe I’m over exaggerating, but you get the picture).

Our tour guide, Rich, was a friendly, grandfatherly-like man who spent most of his career at Nutrilite. He took us to places like the manufacturing plant, where we got to see the coating process for capsules and how the finished product is packaged and prepped for shipping.

And as if the day couldn’t get anymore exciting, we had lunch with Dr. Sam Rehnborg, president of Nutrilite Health Institute. Pay careful attention when you watch the video because he offers a lot of great career advice for the interns, including the importance of following your passion.

The day continued with dinner at Downtown Disney. Enough said. Everyone loves Disney.

Day 2

We visited the Agricultural Research Farm in Lakeview, California, one of Nutrilite’s organic farms. Nestled between a beautiful landscape of mountains, this farm uses organic farming practices to grow the fruits and vegetables that’s nutrients are extracted and used in Nutrilite vitamins and supplements.

The farm had animals like donkeys, chicken and goats. We were taken on a tour through greenhouses where we played with worms (yes, worms) and fields where carrots, alfalfa and pomegranates are grown. We toured the manufacturing facility where I very intently watched how they package some of their products (it’s a very interesting process).

At lunch, we were yet again treated to having a special guest join us. This time it was Jim Siewertsen, vice president of Nutrilite Operations. Like Dr. Sam, he offered a lot of valuable career advice for interns, like the importance of communication and how it contributes to the success of your career.

Let’s take a look at the video below, a video that will make you smile, gasp and quite possibly, shed a tear. Ok, again, not really, but take a look at what some California interns have been up to.

Download Video

Episode 1 – The Chronicles of Cali Interns

Editor’s Note:  This post was originally published on the Interns Expose Amway blog.

While we hear fantastic stories and insight from interns in Michigan, we don’t hear from interns on the other side of the country. I recently traveled to California where interns from Nutrilite’s Center for Optimal Health, a Nutrilite farm in Lakeview, Trout Lake Farm and four interns from Amway Hong Kong gathered for a two-day intern event. I will share my experience in four parts, each focusing on a different aspect of the trip.

The two-day adventure to Nutrilite’s Center for Optimal Health and the Argricultural Reasearch Farm in Lakeview, California was full of tours, presenters, sunshine, networking and a ton of fun.

A reoccurring thought kept surfacing in my head, though: How are these western-based interns able to focus on their work with distractions like the beautiful palm trees, warm sunshine and beaches located just 30 miles away?!

But armed with my flipcam, I spoke with five interns at Nutrilite’s Center for Optimal Health to capture the excitement. Jonathan, Teresa, Monique, Kyle and Kristy explain their backgrounds, what projects they’re working on, and what they are enjoying most about their internship this summer.

The video below will take you on an emotional ride full of suspense, romance and a bit of drama.

Ok, maybe not, but listen to what these California interns have to say about their internship.

Download Video

A Day at the Country Club…All in a Day’s Work

Editor’s Note:  This post was originally published on the Interns Expose Amway blog.

This year, Amway is a major sponsor for the 2010 U.S. Junior Amateur Golf Tournament at Egypt Valley Country Club.  Because I’m interning in brand marketing, I am fortunate enough to be part of this event.  The tournament doesn’t happen until mid July, but last Friday was the media day – the day where media and Amway executives enjoyed a game of golf.  I’m not a golfer, Amway executive, or media personal, so what did that mean for me last Friday?  Well besides pulling out of the drive way at 5:30am for set up, working with some great people in the special events department, shaking hands with Amway executives, and eating several free meals …it meant a day at the country club!  The weather could not have been better for the event: warm and sunny with a light breeze.  In my opinion, this was the best weather Michigan has offered all summer!

Here’s how the day went: When the players arrived, they went to the Amway tent and were given an Amway gift bag filled with some great Amway products, breakfast was served in one of the country club’s dining areas (very tasty), and then they set out in teams of five to play some golf!  As they traveled the 18-hole course, they came across several eSpring water stations where they could fill up their Nutrilite water bottles.  Nutrilite snack bars and energy bars were also provided at the water stations.  At the end of the morning, three people were crowned winners and given Amway gifts at the luncheon (delicious food!).  The gifts included an eSpring water filtration unit, a large gift basket of Nutrilite products, or a large basket of Artistry products.  The day was a success!

A day at the country club, PR experience, and special events experience…no complaints from my end!

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