Sweet 16 celebration

We have great news.

Since 1996, Amway has offered quality consumer goods and our business opportunity to the people of Greece.  

Despite the country’s economic crisis, our business is steady.

And after a ceremonious ribbon cutting with Deputy Mayor Nikolaos Alepous, our employees and distributors are proud to announce that Amway Greece – now 16 years old – has opened a sparkling new headquarters. 

Located in the bustling Athens suburb of Maroussi, our new base of operations is designed with our distributors in mind – to help enthusiastic entrepreneurs build their businesses.

The brightly lit, colorful experience center and training facility provide distributors with an elegant space and contemporary tools to introduce different consumer segments to our nutrition, beauty and home products, and the Amway business opportunity. This exciting business site also serves to strengthen the brand of Amway – ranked as the #2 direct seller in Europe.

In the past two weeks, 15 training sessions have been conducted, and hundreds of distributors have invited their customers to show off the new space.

Congratulations to our friends in Maroussi! This is great news, indeed. 


Celebration on the 4th

Fireworks, a parade and musical talent — our 4th of July celebration has it all!

Announced this morning, Florida pop-punk band We the Kings and up-and-coming country singer Ashley Gearing will perform at the Amway 4th of July Family Fireworks celebration on the evening of Monday, July 4.

The free and family-friendly Independence Day celebration will kick off at 5 p.m. with a parade featuring former U.S. Congressman Vern Ehlers as grand marshal. Live music at both Ah Nab Awen Park and Rosa Parks Circle will precede the fireworks display at 10:30 p.m. with We the Kings to perform immediately following.

We look forward to seeing you there!


New year, new you

Harnessing the optimism of new year, Amway Philippines recently kicked-off the “New You Health and Beauty Summit” at Market! Market! in Taguig. The four-city brand exposition tour, designed to educate Amway distributors about our Nutrilite and Artistry brands, shared the latest nutrition, wellness, skincare and makeup trends.  The events are designed to empower our distributors to be ambassadors for our health and beauty brands.

Attendees have their blood pressure, Body Mass Index (BMI) and cholesterol checked by health practitioners, as well as recieve free nutrition counseling. Four wellness professionals also are on hand to explain how easy it is to incorporate physical activities into  daily routines.

Next, distributors learn how to put their best face foward every day.  Artistry’s Chief Makeup Artist, Victor Ortega, shared some simple tips on how makeup can be used to enhance natural beauty. And professional fashion and image consultant, Olen Lim, discussed how to let one’s inner beauty shine. 

The summit’s tour  will conclude in Davao on February 26.


Former Miss America ties

Long before Amway North America and Artistry built a relationship with the Miss America Organization, our co-founders built a lasting friendship with another Miss America.

Last year during my assignment with Artistry at the Miss America Pageant, I had the pleasure of meeting Maria Fletcher, Miss America 1962.  Maria appeared at Amway conventions with Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos decades ago. 

This video, taken at the Former Miss America Press Conference, captures Maria reminiscing about her relationship with Amway.

Don’t miss the crowning of the 2011 Miss America during the 90th Anniversary pageant this Saturday, January 15.


Raise a glass

There’s a lot to celebrate in Australia’s Hunter Valley wine country this month, thanks to a group of 8,000 Chinese Amway distributors.

Amway China’s 2011 Leadership Seminar will become the biggest corporate gathering ever in the Hunter Valley region when the event kicks off January 14. 

Wineries are adding workers and translators to handle the needs of the group, who will sample local foods, hear indigenous music, and stomp the grapes used to make the region’s legendary wines.   One vintner is even creating a commemorative wine in the group’s honor.

So let’s raise a glass to the 8,000 Chinese distributors who earned the trip and to the Hunter Valley wineries, restaurants and other businesses that will open their doors – and more than a few bottles of wine - for our guests.


Time is running out

The Amway 50th anniversary exhibit at the Grand Rapids Public Museum is closing December 31.  

So if you haven’t seen this look at Amway’s founding and growth over half a century, time is running out.

The museum will be open every day through the end of the year, except December 25.  Visit for hours and other details.