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Measuring a world of impact

Check out the map.

It’s one thing to say you are a global company; it’s another thing altogether to prove it by your actions.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013, was Amway Universal Children’s Day, an event to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Amway One by One Campaign for Children. In the past 10 years, the campaign has helped more than 10 million children.

On Wednesday, Amway Business Owners and employees worldwide mobilized for one cause – children. Though the projects and events varied in scope and creativity, the passion was evident and undeniable.

As we started planning for the 10th anniversary celebration of the One by One Campaign for Children, the map was blank. When we crept closer and closer to the day, more and more markets shared their plans for participation. On Wednesday, people in more than 55 countries participated in over 100 projects. (And those are just the ones we know about!)

You can see a larger version of the map here: A World of Impact. Look at the coverage. Quite humbling.

We also have another map. As we neared the November 20 date, we challenged our ABOs and their markets to showcase their projects by taking Instagram photos and videos using the hashtag #amwayonebyone. As the posts came in from around the world, they populated a map found on our Amway One by One home page. We were stunned. We also shared some wonderful photo albums on our Amway Facebook page.

You have to see the photos for yourself. Priceless.

So, how do you impact the world? Simple… One by one.


Thinking differently

It makes sense that Amway, a company that has been engaged in social selling for more than 50 years, is focusing on how its business owners use social media.

“We’ve had people refer to Amway as the original social network. Given that, we’ve certainly been doing some interesting work around understanding how consumers want to engage with us through social,” Amway Chief Sales Officer John Parker recently told The Economist Lean Back Blog.  ”Likewise, understanding how we can ensure that social media is an appropriately used tool for building a social business.”

Personalizing and customizing experiences for customers and business owners, whenever and wherever they are doing business, is part of that focus.

“The opportunity for us in direct selling is to make that much more personable,” Parker said. “It’s a more compelling story when it’s a story about an individual, when it’s an individual talking about how a product has helped them solve an issue or problem.  In a way, social media allows us to personalize the way in which we market, and it forces us to think about things differently.”

Read more at The Economist blog.



In 2003, Amway made a commitment to helping children. And for last ten years, we’ve been doing just that — around the world, anywhere we do business. It’s called the Amway One by One Campaign for Children.

November 20 marks the first Amway Universal Children’s Day, an Amway global volunteer day, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our campaign. We are asking our Amway Business Owners and employees across the world to join together to do something to help children on that day. And we want you to share your experience.

A team of interns made a video series that you can watch on YouTube. These videos demonstrate how you can share your volunteer efforts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Whether you use one or all of the social channels, make sure to use the hashtag: #AmwayOnebyOne. By using this searchable tag, you will be part of  our global conversation.

So, join in! Help us celebrate the last 10 years, and be part of  the next 10 as we work together to help children, one by one.

YouTube Direkt

Written by Austin Langlois


Direct selling in a digital world

We already told you about one opportunity Amway has to shine at SXSW 2014, now here is another.

Members of our digital marketing team have assembled a panel of experts from direct selling companies to talk about how each one uses digital marketing to empower the 92 million people worldwide currently in the direct selling industry. That’s more than 92 million entrepreneurs looking for tools, resources and support for their independent businesses.

During this exciting panel discussion you’ll have the chance to hear how direct selling industry leaders, including Amway, Avon, MaryKay and Visalus, keep up with the heavy demands of powering a truly engaged and driven distributor force in an ever-changing digital world.

Want to learn more? Go to the SXSW PanelPicker and cast your vote! And while you’re there, click on over to this link and vote for our session exploring entrepreneurship in Ghana. Voting ends Sept. 6.


Lights, camera, action

We are preparing to welcome about 200 members of our 2013 Founders Council to West Michigan next week, and for the first time ever you are invited to watch part of the festivities.

We will present a live broadcast of their arrival at our World Headquarters in Ada, Michigan. The one and a half hour live-stream will air on May 14th at 2:00 p.m. EDT via a special tab on Amway Corporate Facebook page.

Thanks to new technology – our Amacam – we are able to share all the glamour and excitement of the event with Amway distributors, prospects and friends around the globe.

The Amacam consists of three high-definition cameras (two inside and one outside) that will showcase the members as they arrive to walk the yellow carpet and be welcomed by hundreds of Amway employees.

Attendees to this year’s Founders Council group come from 15 different countries and include 11 new Founders Council members!

So, mark your calendar and plan to join us for the celebration. (How many of our top distributors will you be able to identify?)

Post by Gary Wade.


Amway Explores ‘Advergaming’

Would you like to own a piece of a Nutrilite Farm? Why stop there — how about a Nutrilite Lab? Amway Korea  has made it possible.

The more than 5 million users of a popular mobile game called Rule the Sky can purchase Nutrilite farms or crops, build Nutrilite structures and visit other users’ islands. It’s similar to Farmville, but in Rule the Sky users are on their own floating island in the sky called Flotia.

The marketing effort is called “advergaming,” and it’s not just a cool buzz word. When done correctly it can be a successful tactic with an immersive effect on players. Of the more than 5 million users of Rule the Sky, an average of 800,000 of them play 45-60 minutes more than once a day.

Rather than being exposed to a 30-second ad, a gamer’s attention is captured in a much more significant way. Advergaming also offers an additional measuring stick in the form of downloads: Nutrilite’s laboratory has been downloaded nearly 330,000 times. And Nutrilite’s El Petacal farm in Mexico? That’s been downloaded nearly 790,000 times.

So start tilling the virtual soil and rule the sky with your Nutrilite Farm!


5 Minutes With… Zac

Welcome to a new feature at the Amway Insider: 5 Minutes With…

Occasionally we will choose an interesting person connected to Amway or the direct selling industry and ask them a few quick questions. We’re very excited about our inaugural guest, Zac. We’ve written about him before, but this is the first time we got Zac to sit down for an interview. Thanks to Antonia Krunes of Amway Australia and New Zealand for tracking down the jet-setting stick figure.

How does it feel to be Amway’s unofficial “social mascot”?

Great! I love my Amway business and the great opportunity it offers. It’s so much fun being in my own videos and attending all the exciting Amway Achievers events. I love connecting with people through social media – it helps me share my great experiences with Amway!

What do you think about your social counterpart, Carlos, helping spread the word about Amway in Latin America?

Carlos is a legend – he’s doing a fantastic job at letting people in Latin America know about the best business opportunity in the world.

How many languages do you know?

I speak English, Spanish, Portugese and most of the other major languages. I’m a quick study!

Can you tell us about your latest video?

Sometimes people ask me if Amway products are worth the price tag. I know that nothing compares to Amway’s quality products – but I’m not sure how to tell others! So in my latest video I go on a journey to discover what makes Amway products world-class. I find out about the rich history of Amway’s products. They don’t manufacture to the lowest cost, but produce the best value. Watch it here and find out why “Nothing Compares to Amway!”

Can we find you on Facebook?

Sure can! I love Facebook and often pop up on the Amway Australia & New Zealand Facebook.

What do you think about fellow Aussie ARTISTRY Global Face Teresa Palmer.

Teresa is an Aussie beauty and a brilliant actress – she is taking Hollywood by storm! She is the perfect embodiment of ARTISTRY. Go, Teresa, go!

What stands out about your trip to Amway World Headquarters last year?

I definitely remember getting caught up on all of the episodes of “The Office” during the 14-hour airplane ride. Aside from that, so many things! I got to meet Amway Chairman Steve Van Andel and sit his office, which has an amazing view of the “flag promenade” where Amway displays the flags from every country where it does business.

I also loved touring the beauty research and development labs. They even gave me my very own lab coat! Walking down the Hall of Achievement was another eye-opening moment. If anyone reading this gets the chance to visit Ada, I’d highly recommend it – it was the experience of a lifetime.

Well, Zac, thanks so much for your time, and we look forward to your next video.

My pleasure, G’day!


It’s a digital world

Our Chief Marketing Officer Candace Matthews sat down with recently and talked about her role in transforming marketing at Amway while ensuring the company maintains the identity that served it so well for more than 50 years.

Matthews talked about creating a global strategy and global branding to the business to help our more than 3 million distributors be more successful. And she talked about the importance of listening to the younger generations.

“They live in a digital world,” she said. “And what they’re thinking about is beyond what we baby boomers could ever imagine.”

While the younger generation of distributors may go about things a bit differently from their predecessors, the core of what they do remains the same — building relationships. And Matthews said that is the key to success.

“Digital enhances our business model; it won’t replace our business model because that contact is who we are,” she told “What digital does is it brings relevance, but it won’t replace relationships. That’s the core of who we are.”

Read the entire interview here.


Amway goes to Harvard

The Marketing and Consumer Packaged Goods Club at Harvard Business School had a powerhouse of speakers come to its recent Marketing Innovation Conference, including General Mills CMO Mark Addicks and ESPN CEO John Skipper.

Amway was honored to have our very own Mike Edwards invited to participate in a panel discussion about social media and ROI.

Edwards, Amway’s director of digital and experiential marketing, served on the panel with Jan Rezab of Socialbakers, Ken Mah of Danaher and Seth Diamond of Catapult RPM. The panel spoke in front of a crowd of about 50 Harvard Business School students.

Rather than identifying the shortest line between “likes” and profit, the discussion focused more on strategy and purpose. Edwards said social media at Amway is key for crowdsourcing innovation.

“It’s tremendous, and it’s proprietary for us,” he said.

That is one of the things that drives strategy, he said. He also commented on what doesn’t drive strategy.

“Getting fans and likes is not a strategy,” he said. “And planning your strategy based on content going viral is like planning your retirement based on winning the lotto.”

Panel members agreed that the definition of ROI in social media needs to be broadened.

“Social is about driving aspiration,” Diamond said.

The participants did not limit their topic to social media. After the official panel was over, they shared lunch with the business students where discussions turned to lofty matters of the Chinese economy, Indian infrastructure and issues in Pakistan. 

Combine that with their tour of campus and you could say the Amway team got a pretty nice Harvard education. Check out a photo album from the trip at our Amway Facebook page.


The Amway Art of Social Media Storytelling

Companies have always used stories as a communication tool to articulate authenticity and original content. If a story is compelling enough, it will travel from person to person and convey a captivating snapshot of a brand.

The simple concept of storytelling hasn’t changed, but the medium we choose has.

For a global brand with over 20,000 employees and a presence in more than 100 countries and territories,  storytelling for Amway is not only a priority, it’s an international social media approach.

There is no denying that social media is a powerful and credible force. Right now, there are more than 950 million active monthly users on Facebook. Each day, 200 million photos are uploaded and 3.2 billion “likes” and comments stream across the social site.

We use the traditional storytelling methods such as press releases, but in order to truly capture the Amway experience, we also offer our fans an interactive social hub of posts, tweets, images, videos and blog articles that provide a digitally holistic picture of our global brand.

“Like” us on Facebook for our corporate Amway, Nutrilite, ARTISTRY and eSpring pages and “Follow” us on Twitter at @Amway  and @ARTISTRYTweets to stay connected and updated.