Behind the scenes: Amway’s wildlife

Nearly 180 of the 430 acres at Amway World Headquarters Campus in West Michigan are managed that boast more than 80 different species of wildlife habitat, including woods, wetlands and 8,000 feet of river frontage.

In protecting this land, Amway distributors, employees and leaders across the world take pride in our generations of environmental stewardship.  Since a photo speaks a 1,000 words, we thought a video could truly convey the beautiful serenity of our campus wildlife.

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Hola, Carlos!

You’ve met Zac.

Now meet Carlos.

Amway Australia introduced Zac in 2010 as the star of videos designed to help distributors simplify the Amway business for prospects and customers.

Carlos is the Latin American version of Zac, taking center stage in a similar series of videos designed to shed light on our history and our business opportunity.

Carlos, who debuted last year, has been so popular that Amway Latin America is expanding the series by adding videos that communicate incentive programs.

He speaks in Spanish and Portuguese in our Latin markets, which include Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile.

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“¡¡¡Guau, esto es increíble!!!”



 “Wow this is incredible! Fantastic. Sensational.”

That’s how Latin American distributors received the news that Amway Latin America had launched a full-fledged social media effort allowing distributors and customers to interact with  Amway’s brands.  You’ll now find Amway, Nutrilite and Moiskin on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter with updates from all of Amway’s Latin American markets.

The web team, lead by Latin America Communications Director Eduardo Casas and social media guru Alicia Ordaz, has been busy answering questions on and off line about the new tools that are expected to increase social conversation in Latin America.

“We hope that with these new tools we’ll be able to better inform the public and generate interest and awareness of our brands and sales of our products,” Eduardo said .

 And the conversation has already begun, as just days after the launch hundred of people began “liking” the Facebook pages and following us on Twitter .

 To connect with Amway Latin America visit: