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Wipe-out without waste


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By Pat Johnson

One of my fave cleaning tools have always been microfiber cloths. No tossing out one-use paper towels for this gal – nope, I’d rather clean with something I can toss in the wash and reuse a million times.

So I couldn’t have been happier to try out Amway’s new Legacy of Clean™ Microfiber Cloths. After all, if these babies live up to that famous Legacy of Clean tradition of quality, I’ll be a fan for life.

The minute I received these Microfiber Cloths, I put ‘em to the test. Right away, I noticed the Legacy of Clean difference: One side is soft ‘n plush, and the other has gentle channels.

The plush side easily trapped every bit of dust and dirt from my countertops and all my furniture surfaces. One quick swipe and the coffee table, dresser, armoire, and kitchen table were spotless and dust-free!

The other side has this cool channel feature especially made to remove fingerprints, grime and grunge from windows and mirrors. I sprayed this side with a little Legacy of Clean Glass Cleaner, wiped as usual, and my mirrors seriously sparkled.

Of course, one Microfiber Cloth from the pack of three lives in my car, to keep the windshield streak-free. It’s also super-handy for “erasing” those doggie prints on the backseat windows from when Makena goes for a ride.

Legacy of Clean Microfiber Cloths really are the PLANET POSITIVE alternative to paper towels, because they’re machine washable and last for years.

The verdict is in, and I’m now official Head Fan Girl of the Legacy of Clean Microfiber Cloths Fan Club.

Want to join me? Share your experiences using these miracle cleaning cloths!

The urge to hibernate – and cook!


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By: Pat Johnson

It’s finally happened. We knew we couldn’t go the entire month of January without a major snowstorm here in Michigan. So, after a few weeks of record high temperatures, we’re getting a real “snow event” – at least, that’s what the weather forecasters call it.

I call it “hibernation time.” Time to hunker down and make a big batch of “Pat’s Lazy Chili.” Aside from the ground beef, everything’s probably already in your pantry. The recipe couldn’t be easier – made even more so when you cook with Amway’s iCook® Cookware.

I have a lot of reasons to love iCook Cookware, but when I’m making “Pat’s Lazy Chili,” my number-one reason is it cleans up so easily.

Just a quick swipe with Amway’s Legacy of Clean™ Dish Drops® Concentrated Dish Liquid and my iCook Cookware looks good as new. Considering my cookware is many years old, that says a lot.

Back to the chili recipe. After all, the snow’s starting to fall!

Pat’s lazy chili

Brown 1½ of ground beef in the 12-in. iCook Nonstick Frypan. Drain and use a paper towel to absorb some of the fat.

In the 2-quart iCook Sauce Pan, simmer together:

1 can tomato sauce

1 can of petite diced tomatoes

1 can of diced tomatoes w/green chilies (I slice smaller to petite size)

I can of water -(I use this to rinse out and completely empty the above cans)

1 can dark kidney beans (drained)

1 can lite kidney beans (drained)

Add the browned ground beef and season to taste. I use about a tablespoon of chili powder, a teaspoon of cumin, and a little salt and pepper. My husband likes a dash or two of hot sauce as well.

How’s that for an easy-peasy recipe to warm your hearts (and stomachs!) on cold winter nights?

Like tonight, for instance. Mmmmm ….

Flu fighters


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By: Pat Johnson

Every year, like clockwork, it happens: The holidays end and – poof! – the coughing and hacking begin. Offices, schools, daycares, the mall, the supermarket – you name it, the germs are flying.

Why chance getting sick? Here are a few proven ways to be proactive on germ genocide:

Hands off! Don’t use other people’s computer, pens and pencils, stapler, or calculator – and don’t let others use yours, either. It’s time to be a little possessive with your stuff, and …

Keep it clean. Keep your phone, keyboard, mouse, copy machine etc., clean and sanitized. Use the cleaning method recommended by the manufacturer – then spray lightly with Amway’s Pursue Disinfectant Spray. In minutes, everything’s disinfected and deodorized. It even smells clean and fresh. While you’re at it …

What’s that smell? The office kitchen is a breeding ground for bacteria. And have you looked in the fridge lately? ‘Nuff said. Time to call out the big guns. At Amway, Pursue Disinfectant Cleaner gets everything clean and sanitized. Works great in the bathroom, too.

Looking for germ heaven? Look no further than your kid’s backpack or sports bag. Launder ‘em (the bags, not the kid) in hot water at least once a week. If not, just spot clean. And spray ‘em with Pursue Disinfectant Spray.

Two words: Hand sanitizer. I tuck Amway’s Body Series 2-in-1 Foaming Hand Sanitizer everywhere. It’s TSA-sized, so it goes in my carry-on – and my purse, my desk here at work, and all over the house. I like the Fresh Fragrance variety; my husband, the pilot, stashes the fragrance free version in his flight bag. And make sure your kids use hand sanitizer, too.

These are my tips. How about you? What do you do to fight the flu? Let me know – and in the meantime, Gesundheit!

November 15: National Clean Out Your Fridge Day


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By: Pat Johnson

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it makes perfect sense. Not only do we have to make room for the thawing bird, but there are also a slew of sides to be stashed as well. And of course, those condiments that always threaten to take over.

So grab a big cooler, Legacy of Clean Kitchen All Purpose Cleaner and a Legacy of Clean™ All-Purpose Surface Wipes, one damp and one dry microfiber cloth, and a big garbage bag, and let’s attack the fridge together.

First, remove all the food, shelf by shelf, drawer by drawer, including the narrow shelves inside the door.

No doubt there are a few science experiments hidden in the back. That bluish fuzz? Unless it’s a hunk of Gorgonzola, it’s time to toss it.

You’ll also find stuff that’s still good to eat – maybe as tonight’s dinner. Who knows? You might even find a yummy piece of chocolate cream pie or a bottle of your fave beverage in there. More about that in a minute.

Meanwhile, stash the still-edibles in that big cooler.

As for condiments, it’s your decision: Was that Thai chili paste a burst of one-time-only Asian inspiration from last year? Will you ever use pearl onions again? What about that white wine mustard no one likes? Time to make room for family favorites – and clear out those clunkers that just clutter things up.

Now that the fridge is empty, that All-Purpose Surface Wipes becomes your new BFF. Use it to easily scrape up caked-on ketchup, dried-on milk, and all those bits of straggly, dried-out veggies in the drawers.

Next, spritz a little Kitchen All Purpose Cleaner on that damp microfiber cloth and give all the shelves and surfaces a quick wipe-down. The All Purpose Cleaner sprays away grease and grime in one shot, needs no rinsing, and leaves a fresh citrusy scent.

Finally, dry everything with the other microfiber cloth, and return the edibles to your newly-clean fridge.

And that chocolate cream pie or fave beverage? Sit back and savor it as your “I Cleaned My Fridge Today” reward!

I hate cleaning toilets.

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By: Pat Johnson

There. I’ve said it. And frankly, who doesn’t?

And let’s not even talk about the tub, or the bathroom floor, for that matter.

I’ve never written about cleaning the bathroom because, frankly, it’s not my fave job. Probably not yours either, right?

But sooner or later, the bathroom needs my attention – now. Time to reach for my Bathroom Brigade tools:

  • Rubber gloves? Check.
  • Paper towels? Check. (I know I’m usually a big microfiber-cloth fan, but for the bathroom, I think it’s better to toss all those germs in the trash.)
  • Amway’s exclusive Pursue® Disinfectant products? Check, check, and check.

Pursue Disinfectant Cleaner takes care of all hard surfaces: countertops, floor, sink, and tub. It’s concentrated, so you use just a little in a bucket of warm water. And it really does a number on germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other stuff I’d rather not think about.

A quick spray with Pursue Disinfectant Deodorizer Spray, and the room smells fresh and clean, because it is fresh and clean. I’m a big fan of this miracle spray for its disinfecting power, especially during flu season.

Finally, my not-so-fave task: The toilet. No worries – and hardly any effort, either, with Pursue Toilet Bowl Cleaner to get the “porcelain throne” sparkling clean and disinfected.

Ahhhhh. Bathroom’s all clean again. Now I’m off to pursue more fun things to do. Like checking out the gardening catalogs for next Spring …

See Spot Go.


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By: Pat Johnson

Do you ever feel as if your whole house has gone to the dogs? Me, too – especially now that the kids are in college, leaving only my husband and me to pick up after Makena, our golden retriever. Take a guess who’s the boss around here. (Hint: It’s not the humans.)

Adding to the fun, it’s been raining a lot lately. Makena’s newest trick is her “shake-shake-shake” dance. She comes in the house all wet, covered with who-knows-what, and the minute she hits the kitchen, let the dancing begin – splattering everything in sight: walls, cupboards, you name it. (Who knows? Maybe she thinks there’s a doggie version of “Dancing With The Stars.”)

Fortunately, clean-up is easy. I first rub her down using an old towel (I save ‘em just for this purpose). Then I spritz a little of Amway’s exclusive Legacy of Clean™ Kitchen All-Purpose Cleaner on a microfiber cloth to de-spotify the walls and cupboards.

If Makena’s coated in mud, we’ll give her a quick bath, using a little Legacy of Clean™ L.O.C. Muli-Purpose Cleaner in a tubful of water. It’s that safe and gentle, on her skin, on our hands, and on any washable surface.

Makena’s muddy paws often do a number on our floors, too. Here again, Legacy of Clean™ L.O.C. Muli-Purpose Cleaner  comes to the rescue. One capful in a bucket of warm water, a quick mopping, and the ceramic tile sparkles again. Same with vinyl or finished wood floors. I’ve even been known to pour just a teeny bit of undiluted Legacy of Clean™ L.O.C. Muli-Purpose Cleaner onto a microfiber cloth and rub out spots on the carpet. (Of course, I test it first in an inconspicuous place!)  (All Fabric Bleach also works as a carpet spot cleaner, but not sure if you want to use it here)

Trust me, if your house has gone “to the dogs” like ours has, you can see those spot(s) go, thanks to Legacy of Clean products!

Super Stains Hall of Fame


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By: Pat Johnson

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the products I felt deserved a “Best Product” award. Today, we’ll take a look at the opposite side of things: a couple of nominations for the “Super Stains” Hall of Fame. You know, those once-in-a-lifetime (or even once a week!) messes that go beyond your usual wipe-it-up or launder-as-usual methods.

Take, for instance, the simple act of nuking a bowl of chili in the microwave.

Too often, you can’t find the cover for the bowl and in two or three minutes’ heating time, you’ve got an explosion on your hands. Those beans, that tomato-y soup-y liquid, all stuck, seemingly permanently, on the oven walls. Talk about your tough messes!

No need for scrubbing with my go-to solution:

  • Fill a coffee cup with water, heat it in the microwave for 2-3 minutes, then carefully remove it. The steam from the hot water helps loosen the chili chunks and bean bits.

Presto – your microwave looks like brand new again!

Next up are the “Super Stains,” Laundry Edition. My husband’s co-workers occasionally have him bring me favorite clothes with stains they call hopeless.

Hopeless? Not for this “Queen of Laundry”!

Once, someone sent an outfit to my husband, for example – via inter-office mail, mind you. She had already washed and dried the shirt and pants, but the chocolate stain remained on the front of both pieces, and was now officially set-in.

If there was ever a time for Amway’s exclusive Legacy of Clean laundry care products, this was it.

After soaking the outfit for several days in a concentrated mixture of Tri-Zyme® Concentrated Detergent Booster, All Fabric Bleach, and SA8®+BIOQUEST® Concentrated Detergent, the chocolate stain finally came out.

My husband inter-officed the clean outfit back to his co-worker, and my reputation as “Queen of Laundry” remains intact.

I’ve come to realize that my list of “Super Stains” changes all the time, depending on whether the kids are home or whatever our dog, Makena, has gotten into.

The one thing that never changes? How I make every one of those stains disappear, using Amway’s Legacy of Clean products!

The Dirt on Dirt


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By: Pat Johnson

We had our first frost here in Michigan last week, a sure sign that the cold weather can’t be too far behind.

Time to get out the sweaters and put away the swimsuits. Time to close the pool, stash the warm-weather toys. Time to tend to my poor garden that’s seen more than its share of neglect this summer. (Too busy packing and unpacking my kids to and from college and internships, I guess!)

Honestly, some of these beds are so over-grown, I might have to just start fresh and re-plant in the spring!

For the rest of ‘em, I’m digging and dividing and re-locating, all of which results in – you guessed it – a ton of dirt. On me, my tools, my nails – the works.

Enter Amway’s exclusive Legacy of Clean™ L.O.C. Multi-Purpose Cleaner. I rely on it to clean everything, yet it’s gentle enough to use on my hands. After all, I can’t show up to work with dirt under my nails, can I?

And get this: Our dog Makena insisted on one more dip in the pool as we were pulling the cover over it (the pool, not the dog!). She loves that chilly water so much! Trouble is, the water’s not exactly pristine this time of the year, so she, too, got a bath in my fave L.O.C. It gets her sweet-smelling again, and you should see her shiny coat!

After Makena took her last swim of the season, my husband got to work closing the pool. (Makena hates not having the pool at her disposal during the winter months!). In addition, we power washed our patio furniture, cleaned it using L.O.C. before we put the furniture away for the winter.

Now, if only we had an equally effective solution to keep Makena from trying to pull the cover off the pool in January!

Best in Show

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By: Pat Johnson

This blog spotlights my own “Best Product” awards. Full disclosure: These aren’t real awards. No prizes are given out. Like Julie Andrews sang in The Sound of Music, “These are a few of my favorite things …”

So, these exclusive Amway products are my own personal faves – best in show, if you will. You’ll notice the first two have absolutely nothing to do with cleaning or laundry. Fact is, even this “Queen of Laundry” likes having nice-looking skin!

And now … drum roll please … Pat’s “Best Product” awards:

In the “high-performance skin care” category, I’ve nominated Artistry™ LuXury Creme LuXury. It’s entirely appropriate that we use the word “luxury” twice in the name. Honestly, my skin has never looked better since I started using this prestige skin care product.

In the “younger-looking skin” category, my pick is the Artistry Time Defiance® Skin Care System, including Cleansing Treatment, Conditioning Toner, Day Protect Creme, and Night Recovery Creme. This is my secret to younger-looking skin!

Now, you knew my “Best Product” awards couldn’t ignore cleaning, right?

So, my “best all-around cleaning product” award goes to Legacy of Clean™ L.O.C.® Multi-Purpose Towelettes. I can’t praise these little wiping wonders enough: they’re ready for spills, stains, and spots wherever it happens – in the car, on an airplane, and in every room of our home. These babies really live up to that “multi-purpose” name!

These products are my faves. Which Amway products win your “Best Product” award?

Straight A’s in Laundry

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By: Pat Johnson

Back-to-school always brings a new semester’s worth of laundry challenges, right? Over the years, I’ve seen more than my share of grass goof-ups, marker messes, pen perils, and of course, the dreaded juice box explosion.

Even now, with our kids coming home from college, I’ll find weeks-old stains on clothing that’s been stashed in a hamper and forgotten – until they bring it home, knowing their Mom is the “Queen of Laundry” and will undoubtedly restore their treasured T-shirt and that fave pair of jeans.

My not-so-secret weapon for the school of tough stains? Amway’s Legacy of Clean™ concentrated laundry care products. Our septic-safe, eco-sensitive liquid and powder formulas leave clothes clean and fresh, using naturally derived biodegradable ingredients.

For hard-to-remove stains like mud, grass, and blood, I rely on Legacy of Clean SA8®+BIOQUEST® Concentrated Detergent. It’s concentrated, so I get more loads per container. And the handy refill lets me reuse the container over and over again. Less packaging, less waste, more earth-friendly!

My daughter, Claire, loves vivid tie dyed favorites – the brighter, the better. I believe she’s a hippie – flower child at heart! Just the other day, she called me unexpectedly and stated she had a laundry question. I’m so happy Claire’s doing her laundry!!

SA8 Triple Liquid 3X Concentrated Detergent will help keep those brights, well, bright. It’s also a miracle worker on all my fave black clothing. I’m still wearing a black T I bought years ago – the color hasn’t faded at all!

Looking for a real miracle worker in the laundry room? I’ve found it: Legacy of Clean PreWash in the convenient spray formula. It gets out everything from chocolate to dirt, mud, clay, and even blood. Just spritz the stain with PreWash, then wash in either SA8+BIOQUEST or SA8 Triple Liquid. For more tougher stains like “impossible” felt-tip pen stains and oil to even lipstick, try Classic Prewash.

We even have a rescue for that juice box that burst open all over your kid’s school clothes: Legacy of Clean All Fabric Bleach, with its oxygen-and-minerals formula that’s safe for any washable fabric. My “Queen of Laundry” tip: Pre-soak really tough stains like fruit juice in All Fabric Bleach for at least 15 minutes, or even overnight – then wash in your fave Legacy of Clean detergent.

Honestly, after all these years of our kids returning to the classroom, I think I’m ready to teach a graduate-level course in laundry. And my “student teachers”? You guessed it – Legacy of Clean products!