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New SA8 Baby Detergent is DfE certified by the EPA


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by Jennifer Iracki

Wow, that’s a lot of acronyms and for a headline, huh? Basically, it means that new Legacy of Clean™ SA8® Baby Detergent has been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as part of their Design for the Environment (DfE) program, as a product which uses ingredients that are as safe as possible for the environment and for your family. And when you’re talking about laundry products that my family uses on a daily basis, this is something that’s important to me. I’m certain that it’s important to you too!

So, what exactly is this DfE program anyway? The DfE program was started by the EPA to help consumers easily choose products that are better for the environment and safer for people. And it’s very descriminating! Each ingredient in a product is carefully screened for human health and environmental effects. Those products containing ingredients that pose the least health and environmental risk and certified. And only those products are allowed to use the EPA’s DfE logo and say that they are recognized by the program.

And, SA8 Baby is not alone in gaining this DfE recognition. It shares this honor with other Legacy of Clean products, like Dish Drops® Liquid Dish Detergent, All Fabric Bleach, L.O.C Multi-Purpose Cleaner (of course!), and more.

Let’s face it, green is the way things are going. And as a mom, it’s good to know that the company I work for is making a difference and the products we manufacture offer safety for my family I can feel good about! How about you?