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Bob Andrews on Secrets of the Sales Plan

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Now you too can benefit from Secrets of the Sales Plan, the acclaimed training delivered by Crown Bob Andrews at Achievers 2009 in Orlando, FL. If you want to generate more income for you and your group, you will want to learn more about how the sales plan works and how you can leverage it to grow your business more effectively. Learn how you can qualify for monthly, annual, and leadership bonuses with incremental changes to your business. Understanding the secrets of the sales plan can make a difference in your bonus checks! (30 min. / 1 credit)

Bob Andrews and Sherri Brewer delivering "Secrets of the Salesplan" at 2009 Achievers in Orlando.

Bob Andrews delivering "Secrets of the Salesplan" at 2009 Achievers in Orlando.

Hint: When you get to the Training & Education page, look for the link "The Learning Center." Click on this to get to all online courses, including Secrets of the Sales Plan.

This online course is also available in Spanish, French, Mandarin and Korean.

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