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Several of us in the Amway Global Training & Education group are trying to (re)discover slim for ourselves. We’ve formed a weekly support group to help us lose weight using the new Trim Body System program. One of our secret weapons is Julianne Downes, a Registered Dietician and Certified Weight Management Trainer. Many of you have heard Julianne speak at health training sessions across the country. She has been a key consultant in putting together the Trim Body System.    

Today is our group’s first official day on the program, and I did pretty well waiting for my lunch, having eaten a Nutrilite Snack Bar at around 10 am (I’m usually famished by then). Bruce Whyard came by at noon to give our support group tips on sticking to the program. Bruce, a supervisor in Customer Support, experienced great personal success with the Trim Body System last year. He also led a support group in Customer Support.   We’re hoping some of Bruce’s success rubs off on us.

For those of you who want to learn how you can market the new Nutrilite Diet & Nutrition products and help others (re)discover slim, check out the two new online courses on The Learning Center:  (re)discover slim – Introduction (15 min) and (re)discover slim – Putting it All Together (10 min). These courses feature the voice of Julianne.

To take the online courses, go to Manage My Business > Education > Choose your name and language then click on the Login link > Online Courses > Product Training.

To access free campaign downloads, go to Manage My Business > Imagine. True Success > Retail Selling System (on left navigation).  You can also purchase campaign materials in Resource Center >Retailing Support > Nutrilite > Literature, DVDs, & CDs.

According to Julianne, the top two New Year resolutions are losing weight and making money. Let’s do our part to make those resolutions come true.