Amway helping victims of bushfires in Australia

Mar 02, 2009

We’ve been working with colleagues in Australia on an Amway response to the bushfires there. Did you realize that this was the worst wildfire event in Australia history? More than 200 people died and they estimate around 2,000 homes were lost. It burned a million acres of land. Wow.

Fortunately, no Amway staff were directly impacted, although we know of at least one IBO family that lost their home.

Amway has developed a formalized and timely process for responding to disasters around the world. We put plans in place after the Southeast Asian Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina taught us how many resources we can offer to help in a time of need, if we act quickly and decisively.

For the bushfires, Amway Australia is donating $50,000 USD to its One by One trust. They are also matching IBO donations up to $10,000 AUS (around $6,300 USD).

On top of the cash donations, there are a bunch of other fundraising activities. Amway Australia will be collecting donations at contact centers and business centers, and offering payroll deductions for employees. The company is donating personal care items valued at $20,000 AUS (around $12,900 USD). And they will look for opportunities to volunteer, although it is not feasible to do this until the fires and looting are controlled.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to our friends down under. If you know of anyone impacted, especially Amway IBOs, please let us know.

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