All of a sudden, every child is an artist

Mar 09, 2009

Art seems to be a recurring theme in One by One programs lately.

As our headquarters lobby and Welcome Center is getting renovated, we were fortunate to secure the long hallway across from our executive offices for a One by One Children’s Art Gallery. We already have beautiful photography of One by One programs, but we’ve seen lots of artwork from school projects, contests and art therapy programs too, so we tried to assemble pieces from all of our Amway markets.

More than 200 pieces came flooding in, and they are BEAUTIFUL. Now we are planning to display some of them at the Global Diamond Forum in Las Vegas in May. We may also put together a traveling art gallery so the other Amway country offices can display art in their offices, stores or brand centers. Here are a few of our favorites:

One by One Art - Bird One by One Art - Windmill One by One Art - Mt Fuji

We named one the “Rorschach Bird.” The windmill painting did not come from the Netherlands, or from West Michigan. I asked for this from a girl named Liu, who we met at a One by One program in Tianjin, China last year. Here’s a picture of her:

One by One Art Class - StudentLiu is the child of a migrant family that does not have access to the same education as families native to the local province. Amway distributors step in to fill the gap by teaching classes. The art teacher from this class is a distributor (called Sales Representative in China) who used to be an art teacher, but now sells Amway full time and teaches art as volunteer work on the side.

Amway India just finished up an art competition to raise money for blind children through its One by One programs – called the Amway Opportunity Foundation in India.

They do this every year in 80 cities across the country. This year’s theme was “wildlife and the environment.” Local schoolteachers do the judging and select nine children from three age categories.

Click here for a media article about the competition. The kids look so serious … but proud too, I think.

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    • Guest says:

      This is very good….I like these moments, it brings joy to my soul to see and know how Amway Global/Quixtar affects lives in such a productive way.May God continue to bless us this way – People helping people.

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