Amway Global Kicks for Kids – Major League Soccer Makes a Difference

Mar 19, 2009

If you haven't already heard, Amway Global has recently signed on as a major sponsor for an MLS team, the San Jose Earthquakes. I wrote this blog post while sitting in the airport on my way to California for the official season opener taking place this Saturday!

Even though the game won't kick-off for a few more days, the Quakes are already shaking up huge impressions in the San Jose community. As part of the Amway Global sponsorship, a program was developed called Amway Global Kicks for Kids which gives underprivileged children in the area the opportunity to not only spend time with a professional soccer team, but also attend a game, live and in person!

Today marks the very first visit as star player, Nick Garcia, spends time at Walter L. Bachrodt Elelmentary School where he will talk about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. At the end of his visit, Garcia will distribute 150 tickets to the opening match for this weekend and 150 Amway Global and Earthquakes branded t-shirts!

And it doesn't stop there! Throughout the 2009 soccer season, Amway Global will donate over 2,000 tickets in support of the Kicks for Kids program while also offering kids the chance to participate in the first kick of the game and half-time activities.

Ill be sure to keep you updated on all the fun and festivities from this weekend. In the meantime, "Go Earthquakes!"


    • Guest says:

      How do I buy one of those San Jose Earthquake jerseys with the Amway Global logo on front?Editor's Note: We are exploring this and hoping to have them available for purchase soon.

    • Guest says:

      Ohhhh !!! Yeah !!!
      Keep the info coming..

    • Guest says:

      hey I thought the grape thing was interesting available?

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