Sixes, Bikes and Gilly's

Apr 23, 2009

I’m not sure what “sixes” are in cricket, but I know that kids will benefit when Adam Gilchrist hits 25 of them. Kevin Lowe from our Amway Australia office passed this note along to me:

Australia’s Nutriway (Nutrilite) Ambassador is cricketer Adam Gilchrist from the Indian Premiere League. Adam pledged to hit 25 sixes during the IPL cricket competition in South Africa. For each six he hits, Amway will donate a Freedom Wheels bike for a child with disabilities. The competition kicked off this week.

Every bike is modified to suit the individual child. This allows children with disabilities to enjoy riding a bike – often for the first time in their lives. Gilchrist said that being a father, he could relate to a child’s joy at getting a bike and would try his best to hit as many shots over the fence as he could.

“As a father of three kids, I know how much fun riding a bike can be for a child. Now, every six I hit means a smile on a child’s face,” the retired Australian wicketkeeper said.

“I want to clear the boundary as often as I can.”

TAD and Amway spokesperson Michial Coldwell said, “We are delighted to partner with Adam Gilchrist. Adam is one of Australia’s greatest cricketers and a great guy as well. His support for Freedom Wheels and charities in general is highly commendable.”

Freedom Wheels Promo

Adam Gilchrist

The story was picked up by ESPN.

Amway Australia has done a great job picking out their One by One partner. The organization is Technical Aid to the Disabled, and the program is Freedom Wheels. They make specialized, customized, bicycles for children with disabilities.

If you think about children with severe physical disabilities, they don’t have the motor skills and control to ride a regular bike. My son just took off his training wheels and it was quite a feat of balance and control. Not to mention the damage a fall can do to the elbows and knees … and the confidence level.

Bikes are such a symbol of freedom and excitement, so what a perfect investment in a child’s life. But these customized bikes are pretty expensive – around US$600 each. Amway Australia sponsors Freedom Wheels and volunteers help to assemble and deliver the bikes.

You can read more about the program at Amway’s site or see Gilly’s Six-O-Meter here.

So good luck to Gilly on scoring lots of sixes … whatever they are.

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      Thanks Gilly for helping others.

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