Art at Amway

Apr 24, 2009

We unveiled our One by One art gallery this week! There are now fifty beautiful paintings and drawings from around the world hanging in our world headquarters building on the second floor, right across the hallway from our president and chairman’s offices.

This morning we hosted a few of the local artists from the Grand Rapids area to show them their paintings in our gallery and to thank them properly. It also happened to be Bring Your Kid to Work Day at Amway, so there were lots of kids there looking at the paintings. The artists were like celebrities who were showing off their creations.

It’s been about two years since Doug DeVos, our company’s president, strolled into our offices and said it would be really cool if we used some of the art we received from our One by One programs to create a gallery. And the timing was perfect because we were about to renovate our entire World Headquarters building in preparation for Amway’s 50th anniversary.

The gallery has about 50 paintings from 30 different countries. That’s in addition to the other 170 that we didn’t have room for. Another batch will be displayed at the Global Diamond Forum in Las Vegas, and we may send a traveling art gallery to some of our other country offices.

All of the child artists are in programs sponsored by the One by One Campaign for Children through our different country offices. Each has a wonderful story behind it.

So if you make it to Ada, ask them to take you to the second floor to see the gallery. It’s not formally in the Welcome Center tour area, but it’s definitely worth seeing.

Artist 1

Shawntavia, from VSA Arts, by her lion

Artist 2

Luis with his art teacher from VSA Arts – his painting is the cow behind him

VSA Class

The Coit Elementary art class with VSA Arts students

Artist 3

Priscilla, under her flower

Artists 3 and 4

Priscilla and Ashley, from Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities by their paintings

Artist 5

Isabella, also from Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities, and her masterpiece

Lindsey with artists

Amway employee Lindsey Kerstetter, who worked with our affiliate offices to collect the art and build the display, is giving a tour and telling stories of the kids from around the world who painted the pictures

Artist 6

Iyanna, from the Boys and Girls Club, below her colorful painting

Gallery Wall
View of the gallery looking down one of the walls

Art gallery from lobby
View looking up from the World Headquarters lobby


    • Guest says:

      I’m a new IBO with TeamBuilders and I’m so happy to know that this organization is so involved with the interest of the community. Thank you!

    • Guest says:

      As an IBO, I’m very pleased to never be able to ‘know it all’ about our organization as the fantastic employees and leadership at World Headquarters continues to deliver ever great products, in addition to, continually improving people-related outreach programming that makes me both smile — and need to learn more about it all! My sincere ‘thanks’ to all involved in making this genuine community service initiative a success!

    • Amy says:

      Good words.

    • elizabeth tascon says:

      very happy sharing with every event with the activities of the comunities

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