Public Speaking 101

Apr 27, 2009

I'm still coming down from the adrenaline of speaking at our employee meeting last week. I've always had a healthy respect for the IBOs out there who make speaking an art form and continually refine their "pitch" in front of hundreds or thousands of prospects.

If any of you seasoned veterans have advice, please share.

I'm more of a one-on-one person and still can't believe I would get up in front of so many people, then repeat it two more times in one day! It helped that I was so close to the topic and feel strongly about it.

The presentation actually came together pretty well. Kim Drabik and I bounced back and forth between a big picture view of things then "zooming in." I think it's worth sharing with the online audience because both the personal stories and the global numbers are compelling.

Consider this:

Zoom Out … and you'll see 6 million children helped through $70 million in contributons and 1 million volunteer hours. That's just the last five years. That's only what we track. That only includes programs for children.

Zoom In … to meet Shyann from the Boys and Girls Club in California, who participates in afterschool health and fitness programs designed by Nutrlite staff and sponsored by Amway … or Kadzo, who walks for miles to give her baby life-saving immunizations in Kenya through a program supported by Amway distributors across Europe … or Ryuchi, a blind child in Japan who receives outdoor therapy in the mountain forests of Nagano through a fund suppored by Amway and distributors.

Zoom Out …to see that One by One and corporate citizenship is part of Amway's strategic agenda. It's not only a reputation builder, but an articulation of our values as a company. It's how we define ourself and our expectations for employees and distributors.

Zoom In … to meet distributors in China who use citizenship activities as a recruiting tool, but also as an expectation set for new distributors that they will give of their time and resources in the community … or in Japan, where use volunteering as team-building activities for distributors … or in Europe, where high-level distributors are designated as UNICEF ambassadors for Amway.

Zoom Out … to see how One by One is supporting the 50th anniversary celebrations and communications, and how our president and chairman designated funds to scale up One by One programs in 25 markets in honor of our company's anniversary year, and how One by One will be prominent in communications to distributors around the world at our special recognition events next month.

Zoom In … to see the paintings in our world headquarters from children all over the world who have benefited from programs supported by Amway and the One by One campaign.

We closed by zooming out to share West Michigan statistics and zooming in to ask employees to get involved.

Wow, that's much easier to tell over a blog than on stage!

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    • Beth Dornan says:

      And I’ll bet no one was watching while you wrote this, either!

      Congrats on a great presentation, and more importantly, incredible results!

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