Small town, small world

May 06, 2009

When you look across the world of Amway, you start seeing the same themes and links between what we do here and what we do in other countries.

Let me be more specific. I took my daughter to volunteer at the Special Olympics regional games last Saturday. Hundreds of athletes competed in different events with peers who were at the same ability level.

Special Olympics Torch Ceremony Special Olympics Award Ceremony Special Olympics Athlete Throwing

If you’ve never experienced a Special Olympics event, you haven’t experienced the cheering and enthusiasm that takes place with every athlete, every throw, every race and every medal. It’s truly inspiring.

Without any strategy for global partnerships, several of our affiliate offices have “found” Special Olympics and built partnerships with employees and distributors.

In Japan, Special Olympics is still growing and just starting to get large scale sponsorships and name recognition. Amway started supporting the organization in Japan fifteen years ago, and has been the largest sponsor for eleven years.

Our Japan office even lends one of our employees part time to help with the operations of Special Olympics. Distributors in Japan get involved in Special Olympics events that are held in their communities. They volunteer to help run the events, or donate to the organization. More than 2,000 distributors have been involved over the years.

In China, Amway was a major sponsor of the International Special Olympics Games in 2007, which took place in Shanghai. The games are only slightly smaller than the regular Olympic Games, with all the same events, the same explosive opening ceremony, and athletes from every corner of the world.

Xu Chuang, a Special Olympics athlete and 2004 Global Special Olympics Messenger is also an Amway employee. He works in our Shanghai office. His work with the Special Olympics has taken him around the world, and he has met with both President Clinton and President Bush.

Amway distributors are very engaged in China. At a single event at the International Games, more than 5,000 distributors showed up to volunteer.

I have to cut myself off from going on and on with stories. But this is one of the best parts of my job. Finding different pieces and connecting them together to form a larger mosaic.

If you have any stories like this … distributors connecting through their work with charitable causes … please share!

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    • Guest says:

      Jessie, please don’t cut yourself off from telling these inspirational stories. The good works that so many in our business do is part of the reason we are still IBOs.

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