Tweeting from Las Vegas @Amway50

May 25, 2009

Check out the Amway 50th anniversary Twitter account. I’ll be Tweeting from there all week: @Amway50.

It’s the long-awaited Global Diamond Forum, which is bringing together more than 4,000 of our top achievers from around the world. A lot of them are newly qualified as Diamonds, so this is their first big event.

I arrived Saturday night and spent Sunday helping to assemble the many gifts the distributors will receive over the week. Later in the day, I snuck in to watch a couple rehearsals for performances taking place during meetings and business sessions. All I can say is WOW, they will be blown away.

We also set up some One by One displays as part of an “Experience Amway” immersion into the company, the brand and the products. Everything is on a grand scale for this event. But this is Las Vegas, where everything is just a little bit bigger and just a little bit more sensational.

That’s about all I can say for now without tipping our hat to what’s in store this week. Stay tuned and check us out on Twitter!

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