Dia del Sol

Jul 02, 2009

Another guest blogger joins us this week. Debb Kalmbach is Manager of our Global Corporate Citizenship department, and also serves on the board of directors of Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities near Amway headquarters.

The Cook Arts Center of the Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities organization was alive with activity on the evening of their “Dia del Sol” event last week. As we walked up to the front steps of the Arts Center, we were greeted by dancers from Grupo Tarasco, a dance company of the Cook Arts Center. They entertained guests with their fun music and brightly colored dresses all in the beautiful sunny evening. A perfect “day of the sun”.

Grupo Tarasco Grupo Tarasco

As the only fundraiser, Dia del Sol is supported by the community and local artist, with all proceeds going to support the operation of Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities in Grand Rapids. This organization serves children and families with the mission “to transform lives in the Grandville Avenue neighborhood through reading and the arts and by celebrating the community’s cultural richness.” Check out their website.

Inside we were treated to great food from Tommy Fitzgerald Group and entertainment from Son de Mexico.

During the short welcome program two kids from the neighborhood, Carlos and Jessica, spoke about what the art center and library mean to them. It reinforced the reason that I am involved with this organization. Carlos will be in 7th grade next year and  has been coming to the arts center after school for 3 years now. His favorite afterschool activities are pottery, cooking and gardening.

Jessica recently moved here with her family from Nevada. She introduced herself to our librarian before the new library building even opened and has been very helpful first as a volunteer and now as an intern. She’ll be a senior in high school next year and is looking forward to attending college after that.

I serve as Vice President on the Board of Directors of the Grandville Avenue Arts and Humanities. I love to visit the Cook Arts Center and the Cook Library Center. There is usually a buzz of activity from the neighborhood kids who come to visit after school.

At the library, you’ll find books to read, tutors to help with homework, computers to research information, and advice from “Ms. Sue” on which books are on the must read list. The arts center is also busy with music (keyboard and guitar), dance and art classes.

I love being involved with an organization that is dedicated to offering kids something constructive to do with their time…it’s great to see their progress and interest in the programs and the impact it makes on their lives…One by One.

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