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Jul 08, 2009

Here’s an update from the National Spotlight Tour in the US, from Lindsey Kerstetter, who was our representative at the One by One display.

During the week of June 22, I was in sunny Anaheim, California for the first stop of the Amway Global National Spotlight Tour. Ironically it was 15 degrees cooler in Anaheim then the heat wave in West Michigan, but it was California dreamin’ just the same.

Thousands of Independent Business Owners showed up with their family and friends in tow at the Anaheim Convention Center. They came to expose others to Amway, learn how to energize their own businesses and of course, get a taste of the new berry flavored energy bar! And it wasn’t just the tastes that whet their appetites, but the sights too.

The expo displays were abbreviated versions from the Amway Experience in Vegas during the Amway 50th events a month before. There was an Artistry catwalk, Nutrilite helix and gigantic One by One letters. That’s why I was there, for One by One. Yes, I was commonly the photographer who took people’s pictures in front of the huge letters, but I was also the one they talked to about their volunteer experiences and desire to be involved in something bigger than them… something that has impacted the lives of more than 6 million children.

One IBO came up to express his gratitude for the new KaBoom playground at his children’s school that was built by Nutrilite employees in Lakeview this past spring. Another couple shared how they hold an annual bowl-a-thon and golf outing to raise money for Easter Seals. And one woman stood for half an hour with tears in her eyes as she watched One by One stories unfold through video and absorbed the impact Amway partnerships have on children around the world.

The One by One Campaign for Children could be considered the softer side of the business, but important just the same. And although our booth did not draw the crowds of an Artistry makeover or Tolsum shave demonstration, the Spotlight Tour confirmed that IBOs believe in One by One and understand when you help a child, you help a community, you help the world – and that’s worthy of all our involvement.

The next spotlight events are planned for August 6-8 in Baltimore, Md.; August 13-15 in Seattle, Wash; September 3-5 in New York, NY; and September 10-12 outside of Chicago, Ill. So mark the dates on your calendar… and if we’re in a city near you, come visit and share your volunteer stories with us. Hint: we’ll be the people by the big One by One letters  Better yet, share your stories anytime here on the blog or on the One by One website. We love to hear from you!

California spotlight_Nutrilite

California spotlight_One by One

California spotlight_Artistry

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