Party in the Park

Jul 16, 2009

A post from Lindsey Kerstetter.

Imagine yourself 40 feet up in the tower of an inflatable twisty slide, hunched over in a 4×4 covered cubby during the heat of the day with a constant flow of child visitors for two hours straight. That was me… and I loved every minute of it. 7,000 people came out to enjoy a day of free fun at Maranda’s Park Party at Garfield Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Amway volunteers were on hand to make sure the festivities ran smoothly. Proudly wearing Amway One by One t-shirts, they were distributing free lunches, handing out thousands of cheese curls and waters, directing traffic and manning the inflatable dixie twister… which happened to be my assignment, as mentioned above.

The dixie twister was one of the highlights of the park party, and it was obvious by the loooooong line of hundreds of people before the party even started. But when asked if the wait was worth it, kids gave a resounding “yes”! I was amazed at the bravery and sense of adventure as each child, big and small, climbed hand over hand up to the top. One boy told me he thought the dixie twister looked like a spaceship of which he was the commander and the people in line were his cadets. It was his imagination and creativity, coupled with the sense of victory as each child reached the top that made my crouching up top worthwhile. 

The other plus of being up so high was that I got a bird’s eye view of all the festivities. There was a climbing wall, super slide, basketball and a stage rockin’ all afternoon with local performers including, “School of Rock”, martial arts star Mariah Moore, the West Michigan Star, and break dancing sensation Christian! All of whom volunteered to offer a fun filled event for FREE.


 7,000 attendees

Park Party

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