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Storytelling in the Philippines

Thursday, 27 August, 2009

Last week, our Amway affiliate in the Philippines held a storytelling event with 280 first grade students. Here’s the link to a write-up in the Manila Bulletin:

Low literacy is a severe issue in the Philippines. Using storytelling as an innovative approach to making reading fun, Amway Philippines is reaching out through a series of roadshows in elementary schools near Amway Distributor Centers.

A typical two-day road show features a storytelling workshop for teachers and Amway IBOs and employees on the first day, and a “learning festival” on the second day.

In total, these road shows will reach 7,000 children across the Philippines.

Interns Expose Volunteering

Tuesday, 25 August, 2009

Every year, our interns get together for a group volunteer project in West Michigan. Check out a video produced by the Interns Expose Amway blog that shares their experience:

An Amway-sponsored environmental theme park in China

Friday, 21 August, 2009

Amway China came up with an innovative way to teach children about protecting our environment – a “theme park” that attracted 20,000 people in two days. Guest blogger Robin Luo submitted this post.

The Haidian Park in Beijing was a green sea of joy on June 13 and 14. That’s where the Amway Environmental Theme Park was kicked off, co-sponsored by the China Environmental Protection Foundation (CEPF) and Amway.

The idea of a carnival theme park is not new to the Chinese people. But the Amway Environmental Theme Park is the first of its kind in China. It combines interactive experience with targeted education. It’s also the first large-scale environmental protection activity since CEPF set up the “Amway Environmental Protection Fund for Public Good.”

The theme park offered more than 20 games and exhibits, with names like Green Life Identification, Forest Police, Slam Dunk of Environmental Protection, Penguin Returns to Antarctica and Environmental Protection Superman. Throughout the exhibits, cartoon characters Polar Bear Lele and Little Water Drop take visitors through a time-space tunnel of environmental changes, providing a systematic introduction to environmental knowledge.

Green Life Identification consists of more than 30 actions for environmental protection in daily life. It helps enhance people’s environmental awareness by identifying the blind spots of environmental protection. The games are designed to deliver lessons in an invisible and intangible manner.

The event attracted 20,000 people from 7,000 families in two days. With the success of this first theme park in Beijing, more will be rolled out in Xi’an, Harbin, Qingdao, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xiamen, Shanghai and Wuhan this year, and expect to attract 300,000 more visits.

The Chinese government has shown increasing interest in environmental protection, realizing the importance of harmony between economic and environmental development. Environmental responsibility has always been a strength and a focus of Amway, in China and around the world.

The Environmental Theme Park is a fun and creative way to share more ways people can protect the environment while supporting the Amway vision of helping people live better lives in China.

Ronaldinho Scores for kids in L'Aquila

Wednesday, 19 August, 2009

On Friday, August 14, Ronaldinho as the global spokesperson for the Amway One by One Campaign for Children kicked off the new season and a new commitment to the Goal by Goal Campaign during a special event at the Adriatico Stadium in the city of Pescara.

Ronaldinho plays for AC Milan.  For the 2009/2010 season the proceeds from the goals scored by Ronaldinho in Italy will be contributed to AC Milan Foundation and will be used to build a sports centre for children near the city of L’Aquila where a massive earthquake hit earlier this Spring.  The new sports centre will allow children to have fun and be able to play their favorite sports again. The announcement was made during the ninth edition of the Tim soccer trophy.

Karin Schmid, Amway CSR Manager Europe reported “We are extremely proud to be able to give a concrete contribution to a region we feel extremely close to. We really wanted to support a project aimed at children, which would allow them to practice sports and play, in short, to go back to normalcy after the earthquake.”

During the event Ronaldinho presented the first USD 10,000 check to Massimo Cialente, Mayor of L’Aquila.

Pescara Event

It’s true that when you cheer for Ronaldinho, you are cheering for kids in need.  Since last year, the goals scored in Italy by AC Milan’s forward for the Amway One by One Campaign for children, have already generated a total amount of USD 100,000 which supported Buzzi Children Hospital in Milan.

Stay tuned to upcoming Italian Serie A matches on August 22 and August 29.

One by One playground build on local TV

Friday, 14 August, 2009

If you are in West Michigan, look out for us on TV this weekend!

A couple of months ago, a group of employees from our manufacturing division built a playground at Congress Elementary in Grand Rapids, along with people from the community.

Playground Build

Several local news stations covered the event, including Miranda’s Where You Live show. They will cover the playground build in the show on these dates:

Friday, Aug 14 at 7:00 p.m. on WXSP
Saturday, Aug 15 at 7:30 a.m and 7:30 p.m. on WOTV
Saturday, Aug 15 at 6:30 p.m. on WOOD TV

Amway is a sponsor of the Where You Live Show this year through the One by One Campaign for Children. The show is covering several of our local community partners this year, so check it out and you may see us in other segments too!

Helping the Victims of Typhoon Morakot

Thursday, 13 August, 2009

Amway and its employees and distributors are rallying to help children impacted by Typhoon Morakot.

The Typhoon tore through Taiwan last weekend, and moved on to do damage in the Fujian region of China. The rains that followed – pouring up to 83 inches in some areas – have caused flooding, landslides, washed out roads and a number of deaths.

Our partner in Taiwan is the Child Welfare League Foundation, which is helping children orphaned by the typhoon. Amway will donate NT $5 million (US $150,000) to help, and a site has been set up for distributors and employees to donate. This site has already generated more than NT $10.5 million (US $321,000). — updated as of Sept 1

We were also dismayed to hear that the schools in Taitung County, which we recently partntered with through some special Amway 50th anniversary projects, were also affected. We are still waiting on details to find out the impact. You can read about these schools in a previous blog post.

Distributors in Taiwan have been very active in supporting children’s causes through the Hope Maker program, which raises money through the sale of select products. We are proud (but not surprised) to see such an outpouring of generosity in response to these unfortunate events.

An Easter Seals Moment

Monday, 10 August, 2009

We heard a great story at the One by One booth at the Amway Global Spotlight Tour in Baltimore last week. Thanks to Michele Levy from Easter Seals of the Greater Washington-Baltimore Region for forwarding the story.

Betty and Jed Jedrlinic, Amway IBOs, brought their granddaughter, Toria, to Easter Seals Child Development Center in Washington, DC for a visit. The Jedrlinics’ goal was to expose their typically developing grandchild to children with disabilities so she could better understand diversity.

Betty and Toria at Easter Seals

What they did not expect was that Toria would have an opportunity to strengthen her own developing skills that day.

Toria had been trying to ride a tricycle for weeks and had not been ,able to get the hang of it. Needless to say, the Jedrlinics were pleasantly surprised when they looked over at the playground and saw a child with disabilities teaching Toria how to ride!

By the end of the morning Toria was riding circles around her grandparents. Watching their granddaughter that day helped to trigger something in Betty and Jed, and has lead to their decision to solidify their volunteer relationship with Easter Seals Greater Washington-Baltimore Region. This relationship has since developed into:

  • The successful volunteer coordination around a major event, Cruise for Kids on July 25, 2009 where Betty and Jed led a team of 24 volunteers in support of families with disabilities.
  • Successful fundraising for Cruise for Kids, including their own sponsorship
  • Tireless strategizing and aiding with the direction of Cruise.
  • An overall commitment to staying involved as Easter Seals delivers on its promise to help everyone to live, work and play in their communities.

If you are interested in supporting Easter Seals in the Greater Washington-Baltimore area, contact Michele Levy at

Deconstructing "sponsorships"

Friday, 7 August, 2009

The big news in the Amway world this week is that we’ve announced a sponsorship deal with the “Amway Center” in Orlando. This will be the new home of the Orlando Magic, and a new way to showcase our power brands.

The use of the word “sponsorship” in this context is very different than how we use it when we “sponsor” a charitable organization, but it all relates back to different ways of partnering. In the case of the Amway Center, it’s working together to market our organization and provide a great venue for the basketball team and the Orlando community.

Our definition of “sponsorship” with One by One means working with nonprofit organizations and community groups that focus on children – another way of partnering. Sometimes it brings us visibility, but more importantly we measure it by impact and opportunities for children.

Of course, you could also get into the IBO version of ”sponsorship,” which involves bringing someone in as a new distributor and helping them to grow their business.

Sorry to get so professorial. The interesting thread here is that, these days, it is very difficult to accomplish things on your own, whether marketing your products, furthering a social cause, or building your business. It’s a good thing that Partnership is one of Amway’s core values, written in stone at our headquarters.

What I’m excited about is seeing what kinds of partnerships might develop between Amway and the Magic for children’s causes. The NBA works with a lot of the same partners we do – KaBoom, Make A Wish, Boys and Girls Clubs, UNICEF. And the Magic’s has the Orlando Magic Youth Fund, which does lot of great work for children in the Orlando community.

So we’ll be cheering for the Magic this year (as long as they aren’t playing the Pistons) and look forward to an exciting sponsorship … or … partnership.

Hello there, who are you?

Tuesday, 4 August, 2009

So I’ve been contributing to this blog for about six months now, and have found this whole experience very rewarding. It’s an outlet for all the great stuff we see around the world and need to capture so the stories are told.

But it’s a bit like a blind date with thousands of people, hoping they like what you have to say …. and not really knowing who it is you are speaking to.

To get a sense of who our audience is, what they want to hear about and how they want the information delivered, we did a brief survey a couple of weeks ago. (Thanks again to those of you who participated.)

While the results did not represent a statistical sample of the internet population, they did give us a better sense of who we are "dating."


  • Most of you (66%) are IBOs, followed by employees (25%), then media (2%) and fans (2%). Since most of our stories are about company and IBO activities around the world, we should be right on target.


  • You were most interested (73%) in hearing diverse perspectives from many people, rather than a reporter format, or from a single company insider’s musings. As a result, we are recruiting lots of guest bloggers, which you may have noticed over the last few weeks.


  • Approximately 68% of you wanted something short, but not too short. A few paragraphs to recap the story were preferred. I’m breaking that rule and writing to the 20% of you who said you would read a full page.


  • Regarding the content, the most important things seemed to be personal photos, stories, and IBO activities, with new mentions and best practices to a lesser degree. Well, we’ve got lots of stories and photos, and we hope to gather more IBO activities as well.


Most of the other demographics revealed a diverse population rather than a single group. And that’s my view of the Amway world. Many people with many goals and experiences. And all with a unique sense of caring for others.

Thanks for reading!