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Aug 04, 2009

So I’ve been contributing to this blog for about six months now, and have found this whole experience very rewarding. It’s an outlet for all the great stuff we see around the world and need to capture so the stories are told.

But it’s a bit like a blind date with thousands of people, hoping they like what you have to say …. and not really knowing who it is you are speaking to.

To get a sense of who our audience is, what they want to hear about and how they want the information delivered, we did a brief survey a couple of weeks ago. (Thanks again to those of you who participated.)

While the results did not represent a statistical sample of the internet population, they did give us a better sense of who we are "dating."


  • Most of you (66%) are IBOs, followed by employees (25%), then media (2%) and fans (2%). Since most of our stories are about company and IBO activities around the world, we should be right on target.


  • You were most interested (73%) in hearing diverse perspectives from many people, rather than a reporter format, or from a single company insider’s musings. As a result, we are recruiting lots of guest bloggers, which you may have noticed over the last few weeks.


  • Approximately 68% of you wanted something short, but not too short. A few paragraphs to recap the story were preferred. I’m breaking that rule and writing to the 20% of you who said you would read a full page.


  • Regarding the content, the most important things seemed to be personal photos, stories, and IBO activities, with new mentions and best practices to a lesser degree. Well, we’ve got lots of stories and photos, and we hope to gather more IBO activities as well.


Most of the other demographics revealed a diverse population rather than a single group. And that’s my view of the Amway world. Many people with many goals and experiences. And all with a unique sense of caring for others.

Thanks for reading!

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    • Guest says:

      Not a participant usually, but I’d like to find out if Amway has a life insurance product line? If so, what company do they promote?

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