Deconstructing "sponsorships"

Aug 07, 2009

The big news in the Amway world this week is that we’ve announced a sponsorship deal with the “Amway Center” in Orlando. This will be the new home of the Orlando Magic, and a new way to showcase our power brands.

The use of the word “sponsorship” in this context is very different than how we use it when we “sponsor” a charitable organization, but it all relates back to different ways of partnering. In the case of the Amway Center, it’s working together to market our organization and provide a great venue for the basketball team and the Orlando community.

Our definition of “sponsorship” with One by One means working with nonprofit organizations and community groups that focus on children – another way of partnering. Sometimes it brings us visibility, but more importantly we measure it by impact and opportunities for children.

Of course, you could also get into the IBO version of ”sponsorship,” which involves bringing someone in as a new distributor and helping them to grow their business.

Sorry to get so professorial. The interesting thread here is that, these days, it is very difficult to accomplish things on your own, whether marketing your products, furthering a social cause, or building your business. It’s a good thing that Partnership is one of Amway’s core values, written in stone at our headquarters.

What I’m excited about is seeing what kinds of partnerships might develop between Amway and the Magic for children’s causes. The NBA works with a lot of the same partners we do – KaBoom, Make A Wish, Boys and Girls Clubs, UNICEF. And the Magic’s has the Orlando Magic Youth Fund, which does lot of great work for children in the Orlando community.

So we’ll be cheering for the Magic this year (as long as they aren’t playing the Pistons) and look forward to an exciting sponsorship … or … partnership.

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