An Easter Seals Moment

Aug 10, 2009

We heard a great story at the One by One booth at the Amway Global Spotlight Tour in Baltimore last week. Thanks to Michele Levy from Easter Seals of the Greater Washington-Baltimore Region for forwarding the story.

Betty and Jed Jedrlinic, Amway IBOs, brought their granddaughter, Toria, to Easter Seals Child Development Center in Washington, DC for a visit. The Jedrlinics’ goal was to expose their typically developing grandchild to children with disabilities so she could better understand diversity.

Betty and Toria at Easter Seals

What they did not expect was that Toria would have an opportunity to strengthen her own developing skills that day.

Toria had been trying to ride a tricycle for weeks and had not been ,able to get the hang of it. Needless to say, the Jedrlinics were pleasantly surprised when they looked over at the playground and saw a child with disabilities teaching Toria how to ride!

By the end of the morning Toria was riding circles around her grandparents. Watching their granddaughter that day helped to trigger something in Betty and Jed, and has lead to their decision to solidify their volunteer relationship with Easter Seals Greater Washington-Baltimore Region. This relationship has since developed into:

  • The successful volunteer coordination around a major event, Cruise for Kids on July 25, 2009 where Betty and Jed led a team of 24 volunteers in support of families with disabilities.
  • Successful fundraising for Cruise for Kids, including their own sponsorship
  • Tireless strategizing and aiding with the direction of Cruise.
  • An overall commitment to staying involved as Easter Seals delivers on its promise to help everyone to live, work and play in their communities.

If you are interested in supporting Easter Seals in the Greater Washington-Baltimore area, contact Michele Levy at

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