Mexico – Nutrilite Little Bits are making a BIG difference

Sep 01, 2009

Sometime after lunch, our team arrives in Mexico City.  We are greeted by our Amway friends and colleagues, and of course Jaime who will safely drive us through the many miles we will cover in the next few days.  We are headed to rural communities hours outside the city where Amway One by One Nutrilite Little Bits is being tested with a very credible Non-Government Organization (NGO) partner Un Kilo de Ayuda, meaning “One Kilo of Help”.

The scene is bucolic.  Mountainous, green trees, blue sky and so many smiling faces full of hope. As we make our way along the rough and winding roads there is a true need among the families living in these communities where the anemia rates for children are some of the highest in all of Mexico.  Not because they don’t love their families and their children.  They obviously do, very much, but due to lack of resources and food fortification.

That is where Amway One by One Nutrilite Little Bits comes in.  Containing 16 vitamins and minerals, Little Bits has been formulated according to the World Health Organization/UNICEF joint statement on addressing micronutrient deficiencies in children and can be added to any complimentary food.  We are focused on children from ages 1-5, where we know long term impact on neurological and physical development can have the greatest positive effect.

What is most unique about Nutrilite Little Bits is that it is not a retail product.  It is part of the Amway One by One Campaign for Children, specifically developed to address the issue of “hidden hunger” worldwide, Amway will partner with a global NGOs to distribute product and meet the integral health needs of undernourished children. The more distributors  and consumers become involved and the more Nutrilite products are sold, the more children will benefit from Little Bits.

Little Bits is currently in the pilot stage. In partnership with the National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition “Salvador Zubrian” (INCMNSZ) and Un Kilo de Ayuda, Amway is completing a product test that began in May and will last for six months. The goal is to provide nourishment to children starting in Latin America and then initiate global expansion in 2010. By 2015, and with our consumers’ help, Little Bits will be distributed to undernourished children all over the world.

The next morning we head out to a small community in the hills of Villa Victoria between Toluca and Zitacuaro. We arrive behind the truck from Un Kilo de Ayuda carrying all essentials to address 6 intergral health needs of the communities.  And they define organized!  The community members participating in the program are gathered in the community center with their children.  We all greet one another, and the people of the community bestow us with beautiful gifts that go around our necks that are made of flowers, popcorn, and two loaves of fresh sweet smelling bread.

Next, Nutritionists from Un Kilo de Ayuda have an informative and interactive discussion on a health topic to the families and their children.  The instructors ask review questions, and the group responds resoundingly.  They address how to prevent the health issue, how to identify it, and what to do once you’ve identified it.  The staff are not only very adept, they care.

Then comes the health evaluation.  Among them is a low key yet very compassionate doctor from Un Kilo de Ayuda who evaluates overall health, height, weight, neurodevelopment, the blood test to measure the effect of Little Bits, along with a questionnaire to the mothers regarding the use of Little Bits.

With the health education and evaluation complete, the families receive 14 days worth of Little Bits along with 14 days worth of groceries, including things like rice, beans, oil, marzipan, milk, cookies, etc.

The best part? Knowing that Amway is taking part in helping Un Kilo de Ayuda with their mission to eradicate malnutrition and that many children are no longer anemic.  It is a true and tangible difference. Tears of joy came to me as mothers shared heartfelt thanks and stories of how their children are more active, communicative and expressive.

It all seems so simple, so easy to make a change, and yet I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the years, yes, YEARS it has taken.  Plus, the unwavering Amway executive support, countless Amway staff at headquarters, Nutrilite and Amway de Mexico who have spent extraordinary resources, to make the dream a reality.  Real kids and a real difference.  And it’s only the beginning.




    • Guest says:

      That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing Kim :)

    • Guest says:

      that is great…. also is a good feeling knowing that some how we are helping too by consuming nitrilite product. very proud to be a member of this company away.

    • Sejal Gala says:

      I am proud to be a part of a company that gives back to people. thank you Amway.

    • Isabel mexiquense says:

      Me gusta siempre lo que leo aqui y de alguna forma siempre me sirve :) , gracias, besos desde el estado de Mexico !!

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