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Sep 15, 2009

Last week I attended my first National Spotlight Tour event in the Chicago area. Jennie Wu, Nick Katsarelas (see Nick’s blog post) and I were there to talk to people about the One by One Campaign for Children, as well as Amway Global national sponsorships.

These were long days on our feet with a script and key messages. But somehow the script turned into a multitude of personal conversations. They wanted to know more about what they could do, and to hear some of the individual stories of children who have been helped through the program.

Many of the attendees were first or second generation immigrants who still have ties to their birth countries. Their eyes lit up when they learned that Amway was doing projects in their home countries too. Whether it’s providing books in Southeast Asia, delivering micronutrients in Latin America, feeding students in Africa or building preschools in Eastern Europe, Amway improves the lives of children in just about every part of the world.

The veteran IBOs were very familiar with the Easter Seals partnership. Most had participated in the Walk With Me events or raised money for children with disabilities over the years.

We met one couple registered as IBO# 150 (yes, they are in sequential order) that had been in the business for 52 years. They were selling Nutrilite initially. When Amway bought the company, they became Amway distributors. Their view of One by One was an affirmation of the strong values Amway and its founding families had demonstrated for decades. The Amway “spirit” still motivated them to drive all the way from Iowa just to attend this event.

For those new to the business, One by One was a new component. To them, it deepened their appreciation for what Amway stands for, and gave them something else to talk about to their customers.

One couple from Chicago wanted to know right away where they could sign up, where they could give, where they could volunteer. These young IBOs have a sense of urgency and motivation that this company has thrived on. Whether they grow to high pin levels, or sell Amway as a side business, it’s obvious that they will have a rich experience in business, sales and even nutrition and health that will serve them well throughout their careers and throughout their lives.

The people we talked to saw the One by One activities as part of the Amway narrative – stories that add credibility to a company that has more than just great products and the chance to become an entrepreneur. They were proud of what “their” company stands for, something they all wanted to be a part of.

The One by One exhibit

National Spotlight in full swing

Photo opp with One by One

Jesse telling One by One stories

Jennie signing people up for our drawing

Nick collecting stories

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