India’s Project Sunrise – 50th Anniversary One by One programs in more than 50 locations!

Sep 17, 2009

The 50th Anniversary Amway One by One program for India “Project Sunrise” is focused on installing water purifiers at specialized schools, orphanages and institutions across more than 50 cities throughout India where Amway has a strong corporate presence. Additionally, volunteers assist in teaching English language and public speaking skills.

The approach is holistic. While Project Sunrise is providing access to safe drinking water, they are meeting the needs of individual children across the country through very diverse needs of their NGO partners. Funding and volunteerism is supporting annual educational and health sponsorships, Braille textbooks, physiotherapists and providing for basic needs like food, shelter and clothing. And it is just the beginning.

While you could find any number of media placements lauding the success of Project Sunrise through India’s Amway Opportunity Foundation, what I feel is truly remarkable and noteworthy is the impact to date. Nearly 3,350 children have been reached since the launch of Project Sunrise in January 2009, through 2,602 employee volunteer hours and 1,774 distributor volunteer hours contributed. To all Amway India employees and ABOs…thanks for caring!


    • Guest says:

      Hi, very awesome Project! Are these water purifiers the same as esprings, or just same technology? How can we get filters for schools here in America?

    • donna Piyak says:

      It is great when folks care. Great for network marketing.

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