Reaching the remote corners of Indonesia

Sep 18, 2009

We’ve been talking to our affiliate office in Indonesia about helping out after a 7.0 earthquake shook the town of Tasikmalaya, near Jakarta two weeks ago. Indonesia has been slammed with earthquakes, mudslides, flooding, and of course the tsunami that struck a few years ago.

Our Amway Indonesia office has grown adept at responding to disasters, and helping out where they can. After the earthquake, a team of employees drove six hours over the weekend to visit Tasikmalaya and provide supplies for victims’ basic needs. They also spent time assessing how we can further help.

Since this area was not covered extensively in the media, there have not been widespread efforts to help. So anything that we brought in was deeply appreciated.

After trekking out to the remote district, our team found that one person was killed, eight sustained injuries and 2,124 houses were damaged, 283 of which collapsed entirely. Approximately 13 of those houses belonged to Amway distributors. A lot of people are living in tents or temporary structures – some because they have no houses left, and some because they are afraid of aftershocks.

Our distributor leaders delivered the first round of supplies and gave a donation of IDR 43 million ($4,450), which they raised immediately following the earthquake.

The local team in Indonesia is working on continued support of vitamins and the long-term rebuilding of a school in the area. Our hearts and thoughts go out to distributors and families impacted by the earthquake, and we appreciate all of the support being directly given by Amway Indonesia.

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