Amway Relief Team in Action

Sep 24, 2009

Each year employees from Amway forgo a leisurely Labor Day weekend and instead roll up their sleeves to help those suffering after a natural disaster. Their most recent trip was to Winamac, IN after floods damaged the area. Joyce Grilley, the Amway Disaster Relief Team Coordinator, said this about their experience:

We had such a wonderful time in Northern Indiana over Labor Day weekend. We worked each day helping two special families put their lives back together.

The first was the Richardson family. Rob and Tami, grandparents raising two very young grandchildren, had to relocate Plymouth, IN while their home is being rebuilt. They have had a long, hard journey towards their recovery after the flood, and they were so appreciative of our help.

We had a team of approximately 25 employees and their family members working to bring them back to their home. The entire time we were working on their house, they were right along side us giving encouragement and thanks. After we left, they even shared with Disaster Assistance for Northwest Indiana (DANI) how much they appreciated the help and their amazement with the work that was done on their home. Finally, they are able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The second home we helped to restore belonged to Tom Ayers. Tom is living in DeLong, IN while his home is being renovated. He is in his 80’s and lives alone, so you can imagine the relief he felt knowing others were there to help. And that’s just what a team of 10 of us did. Tom was continually telling the team what saints they were for helping an old man out.

What these families didn’t realize is that we get so much more out of it than we put into it. Granted we worked hard and gave with all our hearts and strength, but the blessings and satisfaction we received by giving cannot be measured. We truly enjoyed our time volunteering; we worked, laughed, played, worked some more, laughed some more and played some more. And when it was finally time to head home, we compared notes along the way with laughter and tears and expressed thanks that we are able to help those that need us.


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