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Oct 12, 2009

From time to time we will be featuring employees from Amway Europe sharing in their own words why they support the European project “Brick by Brick”, designed to build preschools in a remote area of eastern Turkey.

The Van region of eastern Turkey is a picturesque area in a remote part of the country. Despite the grandeur, literacy rates are half those in the rest of the country and only 10% of children attend preschool due to lack of resources.

The Brick by Brick campaign will raise money to build new preschools in the area. This can have a significant impact on the future of children in Turkey. It gives them a solid foundation for continuing education and potentially a path out of poverty.

Amway Europe is striving to raise $450,000 this year, which is the cost of one preschool for 200 children. Additionally, the children will receive one hot meal per day at the preschool. For many of these kids it is the only chance to get a meal that day.

“Why do I support the European project:
Preschools for Turkey”

Early morning. Calm. Light breeze. Somewhere far away the first ray of sun makes it way through and gradually lights up boundless earth. Little flower awoke out of sleep on the large glade as if it spangled with diamonds of sparkling dew drops. Isn’t it beautiful! It needs this world so much, in which it just starts its life, and sky, sun, peace and love so important for it!

Look! But it is not alone – the whole glade is spangled with flowers! They are so different, so wonderful and unprotected. All of them like children in the whole word need love, understanding and help. Children are the flowers of the life. No matter where they live on planet – they must have always and everywhere equal opportunities for full development, growth and perfection. To make a good start in life is very important for little person.

Amway does not just improve life of children in different countries of the world but creates conditions to open the hearts of kind people to support and help children for their full-fledged start in life.

Why do I support “Preschools for Turkey” project? Because there is nothing more important in life than children, than to help children.

I’m proud that I work among thinking people, that my colleagues understand and support enormous and inestimable contribution of Amway to children, their dreams and future.

~Best regards, Yuliya Kozoriz, Amway Ukraine

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