After the Wrath in the Philippines

Oct 22, 2009

September 26, 2009, Typhoon Ondoy brought a month’s worth of rainfall to Metro Manila and nearby areas in just a few hours, causing severe flooding which resulted in the loss of many lives and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people.

Proving that Amway is more than just a business, in the aftermath of typhoon Ondoy, more than 30 Amway Philippines employees and IBOs took a day out of their busy schedule to help clean-up Malanday Elementary School in Marikina City, working along with parents of children enrolled at the school.

Amway Philippines expresses a big “THANK YOU” for helping make Amway’s community cleanup drive definitely worth the effort:

Boss Ador – for leading meaningful activities

Bodjie, Jaymie, Cody  – for coordinating with the school and purchase of cleaning materials

Aileen and Meena  – for coordinating the participation of IBOs

Mitch – for ensuring that all volunteers were well fed

Perry/Tess P – for preparing and transporting of products

Jem/Tet – for product training

Chrysty (Perceptions) – for capturing the moments

Amway Philippines applauds the following clean up drive volunteers:

Meena Abeleda                                               Ma. Charisse Lopez (IBO)

Jaymie Anacta                                     Monalisa Argana (IBO)

Billy Aquino                                                     Fe Dela Cerna (IBO)

Lorraine Arrelano                                            Len Baylon (IBO)

Rina Bautista                                                   Julius Tindoc (IBO)

Jem Castro                                                      Rule Cole (IBO)

Jom Diaz                                                         Mary Jea Rona (IBO)

Aileen Gragera                                                Jimmy Miral (IBO)

Edmund Guinto

Francis Ignacio

Rex Lalata

Maries Malabrigo

Michelle Ochoa

Michelle Palayan

Perry Pelino

Tet Tagaro

Cody Tambis

Readyman’s Vicky and Vernie

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