Hungarian Amway Distributors reach 50,000 kids!!

Oct 25, 2009

The Hungarian National Committee for UNICEF  asked for the help of Amway Distributors to organize the Global Hand Washing Day this year in Hungary.  And help they did!

Hungarian students joined the program this year for the first time. 250 primary schools participated, meaning the importance of hand washing was shared with more than fifty thousand kids and their parents!

Preschool teachers in Hungary give a lot of attention making sure that young children wash their hands thoroughly, but when kids go to school, they often become less enthusiastic on hand washing.   So this program is focused on children from ages 6-10.

The Hungarian National Committee for UNICEF had prepared a small program package for schools loaded with information and tips on different activities and competitions. School classes could use this package to design their participation in the program of Global Hand-washing Day.

In each school, Distributors represented UNICEF and Amway. They had a number of important tasks such as providing the soap that the children washed their hands with that day and delivered program packages to schools.  Amway Distributors also helped schools in organizing events, and participated as judges in a drawing competition.

And the Amway Distributor involvement didn’t stop there!!  They offered prizes to winners of school drawing competitions. Even better?  If the prize selected is a UNICEF toy from  UNICEF partner store, then the price of that toy goes to support another children somewhere in the world.

On October 8,  Amway Hungary organized a press conference at a Children Hospital with attendance of Edit Kecskemeti from Unicef, Peter Gardus and Dalma Torocsik from Amway and two doctors, a well known pediatrician and a laboratory leader.

On October 15 Amway Hungary celebrated the day at one of the schools in Budapest along side media.  Journalists and celebrities were invited to the school event.

Amway Hungary is eager to continue this program!

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