Thailand -Amway Libraries

Nov 18, 2009

Together with Amway distributors, Amway Thailand actively supports corporate social responsibility programs. One of their key initiatives is the One by One: World of Wisdom effort that builds Amway libraries for children in remote schools.

Amway Thailand put their hearts in to motion and set out to provide Thai children with few educational resources the opportunity to tap into the joy of reading books which can be the doorways to Wisdom, Opportunities and the World.  These doorways can ultimately lead to an improved quality of life and stronger self-sufficiency when the children reach adulthood.

Distributors are able to donate books at each of the 43 Amway Shops in Thailand.  Visually challenged children are able to share in the joy and the experience of the libraries that offer books on tape that have been recorded by participating Amway distributors.

To date, Amway distributors and employees have shared nearly 8,400 hours of their time and talents through the One by One World of Wisdom effort which has reached more than  42,000 Thai Children!

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