Going the extra mile at Achievers and NPC

Dec 02, 2009

Katie Blough, public relations specialist for Amway Global, sent us the following post live from Achievers and the New Platinum Conference in Orlando!

From time to time, I receive phone calls from IBOs (Independent Business Owners) inquiring about volunteer opportunities and how they can give back to their community. Normally, I pass the information along, thank them for calling, and continue with my day.

That is, until I received a phone call from a woman asking about volunteer opportunities at Achievers. Let me get this straight. An IBO wanted to volunteer during her reward trip? I was surprised, but that just goes to show what incredible IBOs we have. If a volunteer opportunity is what the IBOs wanted, then it was my job to figure out how to make that happen. And with some help from our Corporate Citizenship team, we came up with a volunteer opportunity for IBOs to partake in on Welcome Day.

Stuff a bag – help a child

Amway Global partners with a number of different organizations to improve the well-being of children and offer them the resources they need to live, achieve, learn, and of course, play! This week, we’re partnering with Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Florida to give IBOs and their families the opportunity to warm a child’s holiday season. We are packing gift bags for children aged 6-10, full of school supplies and other goodies and personalizing each bag with a hand written note. When the week is done, our goal is to have 2,500 gifts packed.

Search for the missing camera

The stack of completed gifts has given everyone who walks in the room a warm, fuzzy feeling – well, except for one gentleman. About three hours into the first day we had approximately 300 gifts packed when an IBO walked in the room and told us, “I lost my camera. I think it’s in one of the bags.” Sure enough, after searching through each bag, he found his camera!

Happy holidays

After two days, 1,400 bags have already been packed, and we still have one more day to go. Thanks to the help of our amazing IBOs and a number of staff from Boys & Girls Clubs, we’re confident we will reach our goal and are so very thankful for all of those who are helping to make it happen.

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