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Amway Partners to Provide Safe Water in Haiti

Thursday, 28 January, 2010

Ken Conrad, a Senior Research Scientist who works with Amway’s eSpring water filter technology, recently updated us on an innovative partnership that is bringing safe water to Haiti. – Jesse

It’s about people helping people in need.

Amway R&D personnel volunteered their time to build 300 chlorination and safe storage systems over the past week. The devices were shipped to Cascade Engineering in Grand Rapids, then to Jacksonville, Florida where the US Navy will be delivering these to Port-au-Prince through its “Project Handclasp.”

A local nonprofit partner in Haiti, Pure Water for the World, will be helping install and train users once they arrive. The plan now is to install groups of HydrAid biosand filter systems in schools and clinics. The remaining systems will be sent over the next several weeks.

This has been a unique partnership among several companies and aid agencies with the goal of providing safe water to disaster victims in Haiti. Amway teamed up with the Safe Water Team, a West Michigan nonprofit organization, and Triple Quest, a Joint Venture of Cascade Engineering and Windquest Group, to supply 1,000 HydrAid BioSand filter systems to Haitian earthquake victims.

Biosand filter technology used in developing countries has been around for over ten years. However, the design was enhanced for disaster relief with additional disinfection technology by Amway engineers. The addition includes a new tablet disinfection chamber and a safe storage container including a carbon filter.

The system works based on gravity and does not require electricity or water pressure. Five gallons of raw water, typically from rivers or lakes, is poured in the top of the HydrAid and filters through in a batch process. Water then passes through the chlorinator and into the portable storage container.

The additional disinfection helps overcome limitations of the biosand filter namely; 1) users need to wait for up to 14 days for the biosand to be effective for new installations, 2) overuse in disaster situations and 3) recontamination of treated water. The carbon filter in the storage container then removes the chlorine taste as water is dispensed.  This new chlorination helps increase the effectiveness of the system to kill bacteria and viruses by greater than 99.99%. The new technology addition has patents pending.


Ronaldinho Exceeds Expectations for Goal by Goal!

Monday, 25 January, 2010

Yes, Ronaldinho is on fire.  Last season, he scored a total of $100,000 in funds for the Goal by Goal campaign.  It’s early in the 2009-2010 season, and the star forward has already made 12 goals this year!  And the season doesn’t end until May.

Ronaldinho is on a roll, which means kids in the L’Aquila region are benefiting through Ronaldinho’s commitment through the Amway One by One Campaign for Children.

Last week, the AC Milan forward and international football star, scored three goals vs. Siena, which in turn raised another $30,000 in charitable funds as part of the “Goal by Goal” program by Nutrilite and the AC Milan Foundation.

The goals raise his 2009-10 season total contributions to $120,000 (USD) – eleven goals from play, plus one ceremonial half-time goal from the start of the campaign – which are funded through Amway and its One by One Campaign for Children.

Ronaldinho stated, “These goals really helped us continue our winning streak, and the charity total reaching $120,000 so far is a bonus.”

We’re proud of our One by One global spokesperson, and the contribution he brings to vulnerable children around the world.

Outpouring of Support Nets $180,000 for Haiti

Friday, 22 January, 2010

IBOs never cease to amaze me. We set a fundraising goal late last week, and they blew through it, with the help of Amway employees and customers.

In describing the situation in Haiti, our pilots said that from the air it looked like someone had dropped a bomb on the entire city. Doctors are still doing surgery in makeshift hospitals. Neighbors are still digging through the rubble to find friends and family. Supplies can't arrive fast enough to meet the need.

But the world is noticing, and doing its best to help. Our pilots saw planes from many different countries, there with supplies and aid workers. We have been flooded with calls from doctors and nonprofit agencies asking for resources to help, with many people raising their hands to go into the chaos to help.

In a little while, I will head to the airport to meet some adoptive parents and their children who we are flying back from Miami. The adoption agencies and the US and Haiti governements have made incredible accommodations to get these children home to their families.

As of this morning, we have received $180,000 in donations through our website. Adding in Amway's initial contribution and matching dollars, this will send $300,000 to aid agencies providing immediate releif in Haiti. And I'm hearing of many more fundraising events among our IBOs raising thousands of dollars.

Thanks to all of the doctors and aid workers who are on the ground. Thanks to those of you who donated through our site. And thanks to my company for freeing up the money, products, airplanes and people to help in this effort.

Photos from Tuesday's Haiti relief flight

Thursday, 21 January, 2010

Amway's Director of Aviation, Rick Fiddler, took photographs on the tarmac at Haiti's International Airport during his relief flight on Tuesday. We've posted them on the Amway Global Facebook page. Click over and take a look. It's a pilot's perspective of the relief efforts underway at the airport. 

Stepping up our efforts to help

Friday, 15 January, 2010

I just heard from our National Sales Manager who works with Canada and the Carribbean. He has been tirelessly working to track down our IBOs in Haiti.

It's surpising to hear so much emotion pass through a corporate email.

We located all of our IBOs at the Platinum and above level, and they are okay. This is some good news. These IBOs are now in the process of locating loved ones and downline IBOs.

But the description of Port-Au-Prince uses words like "apocalypse" and "destruction." Lots of dead in the street. The only way to get around is by bicycle or donkey, with all roads inside the city impassable.

The IBOs who heard about the outpouring of donations from their friends in the US were very emotional about the news and appreciative of the support.

Amway stepped up its support today, providing 10,000 kits with personal hygiene products, split up among International Aid and World Vision. We may use our corporate planes to transport goods and personnel next week when the airport is available.

At last count yesterday evening, IBOs and employees had donated $27,450 to the American Red Cross on the US site (which will be matched by Amway), and today the site in Canada was set up for donations.

Thanks to all of you who have given already, and to those who are in prayer for our neighbors in Haiti.

Helping our friends in Haiti

Thursday, 14 January, 2010

As soon as I heard the first report on Haiti on Tuesday evening, my heart sank. I knew that an earthquake that big and that close to the capital had to do some serious damage. And I know that the people of Haiti have been subjected to both natural and manmade disasters again and again.

We don't have a large presence in Haiti. There is an office on the Dominican Republic side, but no formal space in Haiti. There are a couple hundred IBOs that we are searching out and waiting to hear from. 

The reports triggered our disaster relief plan at Amway. And I'm proud to say, our leaders were quick to approve donations to the American Red Cross and Save the Children for a total of $100,000.

Our response plan, established after the Southeast Asian Tsunami, also acknowledged the need to provide an outlet for the generosity of our IBOs, and encourage their giving. So we also set up a place on our site to donate. Amway will be matching these donations, dollar for dollar.

We are looking into other ways we can help, both in the short term when need is greatest, and in the long term when all the cameras have left.

Please consider a donation through our site. You can go to, or click on this link to go directly to the Red Cross site for Haitian disaster relief to make a donation. The Red Cross will provide food, shelter and other critical services to help the victims recover as quickly as possible.

Thanks to all those who have given hundreds of thousands of dollars through our site after other disasters. And thanks to those who will step up again to help our neighbors and friends in Haiti.

IBO Leaders Helping Adoptive Parents

Friday, 8 January, 2010

I have the wonderful opportunity of spending 2010 working with our North America office to build One by One and corporate citizenship programs.

One of the biggest benefits of this assignment is getting closer to IBOs and hearing stories of what they do in their communities.

The last issue of Achieve Magazine (for IBOs) was dedicated to these stories, and I would like to share a couple. This first one is near and dear to my heart, because my wife and I are in the process of adopting internationally.

Fun from the Past, Hope for the Future
Jim and Tricia Richardson
IBOs since 1989 | Founders Diamond

After adopting their daughter Megan from Russia, Jim and Tricia Richardson could not stop thinking about the orphaned children they had left behind. So they went back to Russia, and adopted their daughter Haley.

Still, they wanted to do more.

They knew they could not solve the global problem of parentless children, but they did want to be part of a solution. Realizing that one of the barriers to adoption is financial, they started a foundation to help defray the cost for others wanting to adopt.

To raise funds, they built a 1950s tourist attraction in Indiana complete with diner, theater, and gas station. Visitors make donations, and all proceeds support $1,000 grants for adoptive families.

Today, they regularly receive notes thanking them for their support. “I’m proud every time someone sends me a picture of the children they’ve just adopted,” says Jim. “I just wish I would have done more and sooner.”

Jim and Tricia say their Amway Global business has helped them to provide for their family, adopt two beautiful daughters, raise adoption awareness, and help other families adopt … with time left over to cruise the ’50s town with adult daughter Stephanie and her family.

What Sustainabilty Means to Amway

Monday, 4 January, 2010

We hear the word “sustainability” a lot these days. And while people often associate it with being “green,” it encompasses much more than environmental stewardship. It also incorporates
economic growth and social responsibility. To Amway, sustainability means growing our business while caring for the environment, our people and our communities, contributing to an improved quality of life for this generation and the next.

While these attributes have been a part of Amway for many years, in 2009 a team was formed to develop a strategic framework that is identifying opportunities and coordinating actions to become a direct-selling global leader in sustainability.

Building upon our existing strengths, long-term goals that will help us achieve that position include incorporating sustainability attributes in Amway business practices; stepping up efforts to conserve resources, reduce waste, harness alternative energy solutions, leverage cutting edge technology and increase the use of green products and supplies throughout our facilities.

We are developing innovative products and implementing new practices and programs that will make each product we launch more sustainable than the one it’s replacing.

And in our communities we will continue to be a good corporate citizen with ongoing good- neighbor initiatives investing time, expertise and resources that improve the quality of life in every market where we operate.  This of course means continuing to grow our One by One Campaign for Children as a premier global cause.  Happy New Year!