What Sustainabilty Means to Amway

Jan 04, 2010

We hear the word “sustainability” a lot these days. And while people often associate it with being “green,” it encompasses much more than environmental stewardship. It also incorporates
economic growth and social responsibility. To Amway, sustainability means growing our business while caring for the environment, our people and our communities, contributing to an improved quality of life for this generation and the next.

While these attributes have been a part of Amway for many years, in 2009 a team was formed to develop a strategic framework that is identifying opportunities and coordinating actions to become a direct-selling global leader in sustainability.

Building upon our existing strengths, long-term goals that will help us achieve that position include incorporating sustainability attributes in Amway business practices; stepping up efforts to conserve resources, reduce waste, harness alternative energy solutions, leverage cutting edge technology and increase the use of green products and supplies throughout our facilities.

We are developing innovative products and implementing new practices and programs that will make each product we launch more sustainable than the one it’s replacing.

And in our communities we will continue to be a good corporate citizen with ongoing good- neighbor initiatives investing time, expertise and resources that improve the quality of life in every market where we operate.  This of course means continuing to grow our One by One Campaign for Children as a premier global cause.  Happy New Year!

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