IBO Leaders Helping Adoptive Parents

Jan 08, 2010

I have the wonderful opportunity of spending 2010 working with our North America office to build One by One and corporate citizenship programs.

One of the biggest benefits of this assignment is getting closer to IBOs and hearing stories of what they do in their communities.

The last issue of Achieve Magazine (for IBOs) was dedicated to these stories, and I would like to share a couple. This first one is near and dear to my heart, because my wife and I are in the process of adopting internationally.

Fun from the Past, Hope for the Future
Jim and Tricia Richardson
IBOs since 1989 | Founders Diamond

After adopting their daughter Megan from Russia, Jim and Tricia Richardson could not stop thinking about the orphaned children they had left behind. So they went back to Russia, and adopted their daughter Haley.

Still, they wanted to do more.

They knew they could not solve the global problem of parentless children, but they did want to be part of a solution. Realizing that one of the barriers to adoption is financial, they started a foundation to help defray the cost for others wanting to adopt.

To raise funds, they built a 1950s tourist attraction in Indiana complete with diner, theater, and gas station. Visitors make donations, and all proceeds support $1,000 grants for adoptive families.

Today, they regularly receive notes thanking them for their support. “I’m proud every time someone sends me a picture of the children they’ve just adopted,” says Jim. “I just wish I would have done more and sooner.”

Jim and Tricia say their Amway Global business has helped them to provide for their family, adopt two beautiful daughters, raise adoption awareness, and help other families adopt … with time left over to cruise the ’50s town with adult daughter Stephanie and her family.

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