Stepping up our efforts to help

Jan 15, 2010

I just heard from our National Sales Manager who works with Canada and the Carribbean. He has been tirelessly working to track down our IBOs in Haiti.

It's surpising to hear so much emotion pass through a corporate email.

We located all of our IBOs at the Platinum and above level, and they are okay. This is some good news. These IBOs are now in the process of locating loved ones and downline IBOs.

But the description of Port-Au-Prince uses words like "apocalypse" and "destruction." Lots of dead in the street. The only way to get around is by bicycle or donkey, with all roads inside the city impassable.

The IBOs who heard about the outpouring of donations from their friends in the US were very emotional about the news and appreciative of the support.

Amway stepped up its support today, providing 10,000 kits with personal hygiene products, split up among International Aid and World Vision. We may use our corporate planes to transport goods and personnel next week when the airport is available.

At last count yesterday evening, IBOs and employees had donated $27,450 to the American Red Cross on the US site (which will be matched by Amway), and today the site in Canada was set up for donations.

Thanks to all of you who have given already, and to those who are in prayer for our neighbors in Haiti.

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