Outpouring of Support Nets $180,000 for Haiti

Jan 22, 2010

IBOs never cease to amaze me. We set a fundraising goal late last week, and they blew through it, with the help of Amway employees and customers.

In describing the situation in Haiti, our pilots said that from the air it looked like someone had dropped a bomb on the entire city. Doctors are still doing surgery in makeshift hospitals. Neighbors are still digging through the rubble to find friends and family. Supplies can't arrive fast enough to meet the need.

But the world is noticing, and doing its best to help. Our pilots saw planes from many different countries, there with supplies and aid workers. We have been flooded with calls from doctors and nonprofit agencies asking for resources to help, with many people raising their hands to go into the chaos to help.

In a little while, I will head to the airport to meet some adoptive parents and their children who we are flying back from Miami. The adoption agencies and the US and Haiti governements have made incredible accommodations to get these children home to their families.

As of this morning, we have received $180,000 in donations through our website. Adding in Amway's initial contribution and matching dollars, this will send $300,000 to aid agencies providing immediate releif in Haiti. And I'm hearing of many more fundraising events among our IBOs raising thousands of dollars.

Thanks to all of the doctors and aid workers who are on the ground. Thanks to those of you who donated through our site. And thanks to my company for freeing up the money, products, airplanes and people to help in this effort.

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