Training Volunteers in Indonesia

Feb 08, 2010

When volunteering for One by One programs around the world, there is nothing better than leaving a lasting positive impact with the children we interact with.  In Jakarta, Indonesia 40% of the population of 12 million is under the age of 18. Each year, 650 of these children develop cancer, and most are unable pay for medical treatment.   Amway Indonesia is striving to ensure all children with cancer, regardless of financial ability, gain access to the best treatment and care.  As a part of their 50th Anniversary Fund, Amway Indonesia is raising funds to support medical treatment, equipment and services.

In addition to providing access to great care, our volunteers offer comfort to the patients and families. Our volunteer employees and distributors are sure to have a ripple effect through the training they receive in paper craft or origami. While simple, the training provides a caring volunteer with a fun activity they can share with a child undergoing treatment.  And we’re hearing time and again the child merrily passes on their newly found skill with their friends and family.

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