Miss America Reads and Rhymes

Mar 05, 2010

“Can the princess read it to me?”

Kids have a way of cutting through the descriptors and giving meaning to a situation.

Miss America Caressa Cameron visited Amway headquarters on Tuesday to get to know the company that sells Artistry cosmetics – the sponsor and official skin care provider of the 2010 Miss America competition.

But that afternoon, she took a detour to visit the DeVos Children’s Hospital in honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday. Caressa’s platform is the Children’s Miracle Network, a cause Amway has been supporting for years in its hometown.

Our employees volunteer throughout the year, putting together gift bags. They also answer phones at the hospital during the Children’s Miracle Network telethon each June.

It isn’t unusual for the hospital to provide extra care to children who are being treated. I remember when my son had to stay for several days because of a respiratory illness. There were care packages, games and activities to keep up the spirits of both the children and the parents.

However, someone of Miss America’s celebrity does not stop by every day. After holding a reception where she signed books and took pictures with the children, she left the media behind and went to visit the children who couldn’t leave their rooms.

There was a buzz on each floor as she walked through, with the same charisma that helped win her the crown. The medical staff took her around and introduced her to the children and their families.

One teenage boy left her waiting while he groomed himself in the bathroom, coming out with a polished look – and the thick air of new cologne.

Others traded rhymes in honor of the author they were celebrating. “Don’t frown … adjust your gown … that’s a lovely shade of brown … we’re together downtown … and here, try on my crown!”

And the answer to the little boy’s question for a princess to read him his story? Of course. She sat right down on the floor with him, and jumped into “The Lorax.”

Check out more photos on the Artistry Facebook page.

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