Amway helping out in Chile

Mar 09, 2010

We have been in close contact with our colleagues in Chile following last week’s massive 8.0 earthquake. Amway was quick to contribute to the relief efforts, committing $100,000 toward Red Cross efforts in partnership with the American Red Cross and the Chilean Red Cross.

Mario Boullon,Country Manager of Amway Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, recently sent an update. He said Amway operations in Chile have been restored and all of our employees and ABO leaders are okay. Orders, training sessions, invoicing and deliveries are back online, but there are some locations/regions where the transportation service is unavailable because they suffered major damage.

We are happy to hear that the Amway business is up and running again, but our hearts go out to many who have lost family, friends and homes to the earthquake. We wish them the best, and the best for a restored Chile.

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