Russia – Child's Smile

Apr 09, 2010

In Russia, they have made great strides in their 50th Anniversary One by One project called “Child’s Smile”, which is aimed at creating new types of specially equipped play or sensory rooms in children’s social and medical institutions  for vulnerable children throughout the Russia Federation.

More than 34 such rooms have been completed to date!  Outfitted with developmental toys, play equipment, furniture and sensory activities, these playrooms are providing much needed play and smiles to children who are experiencing an extended stay at the hospital.

And for the remote areas of Russia? They have developed a mobile playroom that goes to the children!

Distributors have taken an active role in the project by recommending facilities, participating in room renovations and presenting equipment to facilities.

Congratulations to Amway Russia, it’s employees and distributors for gifting hope to a very special population of children!

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    • Nancy D'Epiro says:

      Thank you, Amway!

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