Earthquakes in San Jose … the good kind

Apr 12, 2010

In this post, we can talk about earthquakes in a different way than we have been for the past couple of months.

We’ll use a capital “E.” As in the San Jose Earthquakes, the men’s team with Major League Soccer. It is becoming our M.O. here to leverage any marketing sponsorship to our efforts to help children. Think Ronaldinho and the Goal by Goal program, or Miss America and the Children’s Miracle Network.

Through the Amway Global sponsorship of the Earthquakes, we have been supporting the Kicks for Kids program, where players visit local schools and teach kids about the importance of healthy eating and an active lifestyle.

This year we worked with the Earthquakes to step things up a bit. The focus is providing support to players from diverse socio-economic backgrounds through a new scholarship program launched this month. The Amway Global Soccer Scholarship funds two players each year to attend the Earthquakes Youth Academy, and provides national exposure to colleges and professional soccer.

The first scholarship recipient is Juan Guerrero Jr., a midfielder and forward from Livermore, California who plays with the Mustang Soccer Club in Danville. Congratulations to Juan. We expect great things from you!

And in case you are wondering, the team won this weekend, so we are starting off the season 1 for 2. Go quakes!

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