New Amway Global partnership sprouting with Boys & Girls Clubs of America

May 10, 2010

We’ve been planning this one for the last six months and are so excited to see it launch this week!

The new Amway Global Positive Sprouts project with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America will build community gardens across the US and teach Club members about achieving proper nutrition by incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables in their diets.

Our first event is in Philadelphia next Saturday, May 15 … and yes, we are looking for IBOs in the area to volunteer.

We will be in seven cities in 2010:

  • Philadelphia, PA – Sat, May 15
  • Denver, CO – Sat, June 5
  • Seattle, WA – Sat, June 12
  • Grand Rapids, MI – Sat, June 19
  • San Diego, CA – Thurs, June 24
  • Buena Park, CA – Sat, June 26
  • Orlando, FL – TBD

2010 is the first year of a three-year partnership that expands opportunities for our Independent Business Owners (IBOs) and employees to build partnerships with local clubs, with a focus on enhancing nutrition among Boys and Girls Club members.

The Positive Sprouts project has three components. First, the kickoff is where we spend a day building a garden with a big group of Amway Global IBOs and employees, along with Boys and Girls Club members and staff.

Next, after the garden is planted, there will be ongoing educational programs for the Club members, including opportunities to bring home fresh fruits and vegetables. IBOs can volunteer for these programs, or for other programs at the local Clubs.

Finally, in the fall, we will hold harvest parties at each Club to celebrate the work and be sure Club members and their families have fresh fruits and vegetables for the holidays.

We are working with amazing garden experts at an organization called the Green Education Foundation, a nonprofit that provides environmental education resources for classrooms and youth groups nationwide.

While this is the first time we have partnered on a nationwide project of this scale with the Boys and Girls Clubs, we have partnered at the local level for many years, particularly in Grand Rapids, Michigan, our headquarters, and Buena Park, California, the headquarters of our Nutrilite vitamin brand.

If you are an IBO who lives in one of these cities and would like to participate, please email us at Space is limited, but we want a strong showing at each location, and hope that these events will spark long-term partnerships between IBOs and their local Clubs.

You can see the formal press release announcement on our media site. We also launched a new site that highlights Amway Global’s three primary partnerships through the One by One Campaign for Children. Click on Power of Positive to visit the site.


    • Erin Breaugh says:

      Very excited about this! It is going to be a positive influence on children, community and the environment – what could be better! Way to go!

    • Amway Global Ada-tudes: A View from the Top says:

      On behalf of Amway Global, I’m proud to announce a new partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs

    • Amway Global Ada-tudes: A View from the Top says:

      IBOs, Amway Global executives, Boys and Girls Club members and staff rallied on a beautiful Saturday

    • Amway Global Ada-tudes: A View from the Top says:

      This video captures the amazing experience we had at the Boys & Girls Club in Philadelphia. Thanks

    • Amway Global Ada-tudes: A View from the Top says:

      It’s an early morning in Denver. Our second garden project with the Boys & Girls Club takes

    • Amway Global Ada-tudes: A View from the Top says:

      We had a great time with IBOs and Boys & Girls Club members at the Arthur E. Johnson Boys & Girls

    • Thomas Mann says:

      ATTN: Boys and Girls Clubs garden planting team:

      Please consider adding this project to your Boys and Girls Clubs garden planting project; they would be a good fit by asking your Amway Business Owners to volunteer to contact their local schools, teachers, parents, political activists, school boards and others and ask them to consider ALLOWING STUDENTS TOCARRY FOOD HOME ON THE BUS! That might include food grown by your project.

      I am trying to start a nation wide campaign to fight childhood obesity by allowing selected schools to sell fresh foods to parents. This experiment would be limited to rural and ghetto schools where fresh foods are not readily available. The goal is to encourage children to take part or even lead in getting families to adopt better eating habits by also conducting cooking classes (voluntary) for parents and students after school. The food would be delivered to the school by Farmers Markets, stores, etc. If you can recruit or even contact Jamie Oliver, the Englishman who is trying to start a food revolution or Oprah or other well known persons who fight childhood obesity—PLEASE DO.
      This is a project that can be started on the Internet then finished in conferences with parents, teachers, administrators, etc., at the community level. The key to this idea is that the students solve some transportation problems by carrying fresh often locally grown foods home on the SCHOOL BUS. Each school will decide when and how to participate.
      Federal and state governments probably would subsidize the food sales for some schools.

      Thomas R Mann, MD
      3510 E Hampton #133
      Mesa AZ 85204
      480 892 3960

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