I think we are on to something

Jun 04, 2010

It’s an early morning in Denver. Our second garden project with the Boys & Girls Club takes place tomorrow. Gardening is on my mind.

Once I get past the busywork of the planning, the communications, poring over the gardening curriculum, meeting with Club directors … I start to see signs that we are onto something.

Just this week heard about a new garden program for kids in Ada, near Amway headquarters, which aims to teach them about fruits and vegetables. I read in the newspaper about another new program in the metro area that grows produce to donate to people in need. Then I saw a Facebook fanpage invite about an initiative through our local universities focused on urban gardening.

And as I’m typing in my hotel room with CNN on, they are covering a program in DC where chefs around the country are working with the First Lady to adopt schools and teach them about food through gardening and cooking.

We are tapping into something big here.

When we kicked off the Amway Global Positive Sprouts program at the Boys & Girls Clubs of America national conference in May, every Club director and board member we talked to wanted to be a part of it.

Many were already dabbling in gardening, but had not been able to turn it into a formal program supplemented with education and activities that internalized the knowledge and found creative ways to consume the harvest. Others had plots of land they wanted to do something with. Some were even willing to do rooftop or vertical gardens because they didn’t have any room, but saw the value in this sort of program.

One of the Clubs in southern Florida had actually put together a program that was economically self-sustaining, and was providing food to their local communities – even accepting food stamps for the purchase of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Tomorrow, 60 kids and 60 IBOs will come together to build a garden. Simple enough.

But I’m finding that this means much more, and that the program model we are creating will provide the seeds for a passion that is growing around the country.

Stay tuned for more!

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