What the Red Cross is doing with your donations

Jun 07, 2010

Our IBOs, emploiyees and customers gave more than $280,000 to the American Red Cross through our website after the earthquake in Haiti.

Now that we have a bit of distance from the events, it is helpful to see what our donations were able to accomplish in Haiti. Here’s a recap from the Red Cross:

As part of its largest international response since the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the global Red Cross network has helped approximately 2 million Haitians since the country’s January 12 earthquake. In the past four months, the global Red Cross network has collectively:

  • Handed out tarps, tents and toolkits for nearly 450,000 people.
  • Provided relief items for 500,000 people.
  • Distributed 111 million liters of clean drinking water.
  • Built more than 1,300 latrines.
  • Partnered to vaccinate nearly 800,000 people against deadly diseases, including more than 152,000 vaccinated by the Red Cross.
  • Coordinated the shipment of more than 2,100 units of blood to medical facilities.
  • Treated more than 100,000 people at Red Cross hospitals or mobile clinics.
  • Registered more than 28,400 people with missing loved ones on its family linking Web site.
  • Deployed more than 900 responders to Haiti, including 165 representing the American Red Cross.

The director of our local chapter sent me a link to this video that talks about what the Red Cross is doing to prepare the Hatian people for the upcoming hurricane season:


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