Amway brings sunshine and gardens to Seattle

Jun 16, 2010

It had been raining for days … weeks .. and those of us planning to build a garden at the North Seattle Boys & Girls Club were biting our nails and hoping for the best.

Well, the sun broke through the day before our event, and we had the biggest turnout of IBOs yet! Around 70 Amway Global volunteers planted, weeded, painted, pruned, landscaped, laughed, learned and shared on Saturday.

One IBO showed up with his landscaping company’s truck and began sprucing up the field for the Club members to play in. An IBO couple re-set a brick walkway to eliminate a tripping hazzard. Another IBO brought a dozen tomato plants from her garden that were incorporated into the garden design.And some groups that drove from far reaching places like Tacoma (1.5 hours) and Portland (3 hours) to participate.

The North Seattle Boys & Girls Club is what they call a “neighborhood club.” Kids don’t come here just to sign up for sports programs or specialized activities. This is where they spend their time after school and during the summer. Many come from the nearby low-income housing units. Many are from families of immigrants who speak languages from all over the world.

On Saturday, we left the Club better than we found it. A landsaping facelift, a new garden and curriculum, a freshly groomed field for sports and activities.

More important, we left a new team of volunteers, advocates and friends of the Club who will continue to support the important work of shaping our future leaders.

Thanks to all who participated, and who made the Amway Global Positive Sprouts program happen!

Following are some pictures of the day. You can view the full photo set at:

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