A different kind of walk

Jun 22, 2010

The Easter Seals walk was very different for me this year. And my kids had a brand new experience too.

In past years, I’ve always attended to support our company. We are a national sponsor, and have been for more than 27 years. It’s important to get lots of people to funraisers so we can create a festive atmosphere and build credibility for the organization. That’s enough to get me and my family engaged.

Our family attends a lot of fundraising events, but we often lump the different causes into one “charity” bucket and just enjoy whatever walk/run/dinner is taking place, knowing that the money will be used for some kind of good, for some kind of people.

On the drive to the walk, my son asked why we were walking. I explained to them that some people had disabilities that kept their bodies and brains from doing things that we can do, and they needed extra help, which sometimes costs a lot of money that people don’t have. I told them Easter Seals helps provide that help and pays for it with the money they raise from these walks and other places.

They asked a lot of questions about disabilities, a subject that had not really come up before.

Later, when we checked in and got our tshirts, we received lanyards that had cards showing Easter Seals “Ambassadors.” These were kids who had disabilities and received Easter Seals services. They were also kids from our town, who were at the walk and could be found if we looked around.

My daughter took time to read the paragraph about her ambassador, and told her brothers about theirs. Then we tried to spot them as we walked, and we talked about how they were the stars of the evening.

It was one of the best teachable experiences we’ve had in a long time.

As a sponsorship coordinator, my focus has been numbers. How many people will attend. How much money will we raise. How many cities will promote the walks. How many execs will show up. What media coverage will there be.

In Grand Rapids, our numbers were fantastic. We broke all of our records and had huge participation from our leadership and Independent Business Owners. Mission accomplished.

But the event also served to create three new little ambassadors for Easter Seals. And those may be the best numbers of all.

Here are some pictures from the event.

See the full set of photos on our Flickr album:



    • Jackie Dangl says:

      What a great story! Thanks so much for sharing. We learn so much from teaching our kids…

    • Denise Durkee, Easter Seals - Michigan says:

      Thank you so much for making it possible for us to help build a brighter future for so many children in need of our life-changing programs and services. We are so fortunate to have Amway as such a great friend year after year!

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